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People, Places and Events of interest
People, Places and Events of interest
Here you will find some pictures of people of interest to the Husted Family
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Jackie Kennedy Onassis was engaged to a John Husted  
Description: Here is the complete, genuine issue of the famous NEW YORK TIMES newspaper dated Jan. 21, 1952. Page 13 has the engagement announcements of 3 young ladies, with photos of each, including: "Miss Jacqueline Lee Bouvier", and she gets the one column heading: "Miss J. L. Bouvier Becomes Engaged" to John G. W. Husted, Jr., a Yale graduate, with more text on both. An event of which most people today are unaware--fascinating Kennedy item! You get the complete issue in great condition ****************** Jackie Kennedy Onassis was engaged to a John Husted (in early 1952) before she had met John Kennedy.John Husted was a wallstreet broker. He was an attractive , tall Yale man from the C’reme of WASP Society, but when it tured out that Husted was not the beneficiry of great wealth , Jachies ardor began to cool. Jackies mother had checked his wages, and it was not enough. To no ones surprise the engagement was called off. John Husted had given her a large sapphire and diamond ring, that had been his mothers, when John Kennedy first saw it on her hand he asked, “So who is the lucky fella?” Jackies fiance John G.W.Husted Jr. , graduated from Yale and had served in World War 11 with the American Field Service. His family was from Bedford Village in Westchester Co. New York. They were in the banking system, but John worked for Dominck and Dominick, a leading investment, banking firm in N.Y. John Husted lived later on Nantucket, and remained friendly with Jackie after the broken engagement. Jackie’s interest in John Husted was reported to be based on mostly psychological factors, for John Husted had the makings of the Classical American husband.. He was upright, dependable, prone neither to wild partying nor to gross indiscretions. John Husted was initially disappointed when Jackie dropped the ring into his coat pocket, but he quickly recovered