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HFNA Membership Application

LAST NAME ___________________________________________________________ MAIDEN NAME ________________________________________________________ ________ FIRST ________________________________________________________ ADDRESS ______________________________________________ APT/UNIT# _____ CITY ______________________________ ST/PROV ______ MAIL CODE _________ Phone ________________________________ Email ____________________________ Membership dues enclosed (Please do not send cash): $ 8.00 Annual _______ Donation _________ Lineage: I am in the (Check one) _____ Robert____ Peter _____ Unknown If you are a Husted descendant, please fill out a biography page and a lineage sheet and return it with the membership application. This will allow us to record you in your proper place in the family tree. You may now pay useing PayPal MAIL APPLICATION TO: Husted Family National Assoc. 38 Evergreen Dr. St Louis MI. 48880 Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Biography Page