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The Husted Family National Assoc.

A world-wide genealogical association specializing in the Husted family.

Dear Cousin as a new member of the Husted Family National Association we welcome you and greet you with warmth and enthusiasm that is typical and traditional with our family.

Your membership is important for many reasons. It ties you in with many thousands of cousins, and gives a sense of belonging to a stable family that over the years has carried more than their share in making our country great.

This organization is attemting to point out the great many things we have inherited from our parents and grandparents, going back to the time of 1635 when one of our immigrant ancestor made that hazardous trip to America.

We are publishing our family genealogies on the web ( see My family) the Husted Family in America, and we also have other projects we will continue to work on, such as the following.

1....Keep an active membership list and collect members , and try to increase our membership.

2....(Notice the Cryer is not in print at this time)Write, edit, print and distribute in your E-Mail every month a news-brief, "The Husted CrYer"

3....Record new data on births, marriages,deaths, ect, for future publications.

4....List events, Local Reunions every year.


(Call 1 989 463 2931 and we will add your reunion to this web site) , We will also have a national 3 day Hoedown to be heald on July,15, 16, 17, 2013 Family Hoedown4th week-end in July outher every year.

NOTE. The Husted Family hoedown will be held on the 4th week-end in July 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be Live Conserts , games, fishing, auction , and Free Camping, The Reunion will be held at the 100 year old Husted homestead N. E. of Harrison Mi. "For more information You may E_Mail us at

5.... Establish and keep a active geneolagy dept. for the updating Husted family trees and putting the informaion out int the form of CDís and books.

6.... Establish and maintain a board of directors put in for a two year term and elected by the members of the Husted Family Natioal assoc.

7.... Build and maintain a web site, so as to give our members a place to gather and add information as well as sharing information on their part of the family.

Husted Family Chat Room

Open Chat 8PM eastern Time every Munday

We are trying to build up the Husted family chat room up agene. The chat room will be open every Monday at 8 Pm Eastern Time and 7 Pm Central Time. You will still be able to set up chats

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Husted Family National Assoc.

4805 Sunnybrook Dr.

New Port Richey, FL, 34653

Phone no# 727 375 4551

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