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Husted CrYer Aug, 01, 2004

------------------------ Husted Cryer ------------------------

Aug, 01, 2004, Volume 10, Issue 8

Hoedown News

LeRoy Husted - Aug 1, 2004

The 2004 Husted Family Hoedown was great. We had the best entertainment ever on Saturday and Sunday. There were families from Fl, AR, MI, OH, IN, AL Some new faces and some old ones. The ones that ordered the Husted 12 page calendars will be receiving them in 7 to 10 days. There is still time to order the 2005 Husted calendars. We are going on the 4th printing now. Russell Husted of AR will be the coordinator of the Hoedown in 2005. Gene Husted from AL will be overseeing young adults and LeRoy Husted from MI will be overseeing the older folks entertainment. Attendance was over 100 but we are hoping to go over 200 next year. Next Year the Husted Family Hoedown will be held on the 3rd week end in July 2005 There will be Free camping space available for those with tents and campers. We will have a potluck diner on Sunday and you will be able to buy meals on the grounds for those that do not want to cook at their campsites. If you want to help or have talents you want to share let us know. It takes about 30 people to put the Hoedown on and we can always use your help. WE had extra campers not in use this year ,so if you don’t live near the Hoedown and need a place to stay let us know and we may be able to help on a first come basis. All meals served at the Hoedown are for donations only. If you are not working or have large family or low income don’t feel you have to put in a donation. Its more important you come than donate We have always had money to put on the Hoedown a year in advance. Yes you can bring a friend with you, as its not limited to family.

Pleas leave your comments below. We want to know what you think about the Hoedown and your ideas. We may not always implement your ideas due to time; money but we may so let us know what you think

A page from Winthrop Woman (Sale of Greenwich),

LeRoy Husted - JUly 10, 2004

Categories: Books

They all crowded near-the ten lesser sahems, two neighoring chiftain. And they listend solemly while Daniel read the deed and Telaka translated.

“We Amogerone and Oweenoka of Asamuck; and Raamatthone, Nawthorne, Sachems

of Totmack have sould unto Robert Feaks and Daniell Patricke all their rights and interest in all ye several lands betwene Asanuck river and Totomack...except ye neck by ye indianscalled Monakewaygo, by us Elizabeth Neck, which neck is ye peticaler perchance of Elizabeth Feaks, ye said Robert Feake his wife to be hers and her heaires or assigns forever...”

We Amogerone and Owenoke Sachems of Asamuck; and Ramatthone, Nawthorne, Sachems ofTotomack have sould unto Robert Feaks and DanielPatricke all their rights and interestsin all ye several lands betwene Asamuck river and Totomack.....ecept ye neck bt ye indians called Monakewaygo, by us Elizabeth Neck, which neck is ye peticaler perchace of Elizabeth Feaks, ye said Robert Feaks his wife to be hers and her heaires or assigns forever...........”

Elizabeth sighed deeply, and listend no more while Daniel continued to read. She rubbed her foot secetly along the ground. It’s mine-she thought. Ican do as I like here. She looked with passionate gratitude across the rock at the Indianswho were giving her this joy. None of them looked back except Keofferam, Telaka’s brother, who noted Elizabeth’s expression with astonishment. He was a short squatty young brave, lavisly tattooed with black and red dots as befitted a great chief’s son. His intelligent gaze was puzzled as, he inspected Elizabeth’s glowing face, then his lips lifted in a faint amile, as though he had understood. Certainly the other Indians did not.They had no passion for land ownership, nor clear recognition of what they were selling, except that they agreed not to fish within a mile of any white man’s weir. What of that? There were innumerable rivers and plenty of fish. If the white men wanted to bestow the warm gaudy English coats for the privilege of building huts and planting corn, why, let them. There was room enough for all. And so they signed their marks in squiggles and whorls, the four sachems who were selling, and the otherss as witnesses, using Robert’s quill pen and some excellent ink maid from sumack berries. Robert Husted and Andrew Messenger were the English witnesses. When thay had allsigned, Jeffrey Ferris gravely requestedthe addition of a paragraph.

“Heofferam hath sould all his right in ye above sd. to Jeffere Ferris,”witnessed by “Richard Williams” and “Angell Husted. Jeffrey nodded and stepped back satisfid. He had nocertainty, at present of remaining on his little Greenwich plot, but still it was well to have his ownership attested.

Editors note;

The book of Winthrop Woman by Anya Seton gives a good insight of how thing were when our ancestors Robert and Angell Husted Came to America and lived in Greenwich a lot of the information came from the Wintrop letters, documents from that time.


Staci Husted - May 25, 2004

Sheldon Little League softball coach Jimmy Hosford The husband of Staci Husted received the ultimate honor when a softball field was named for him June 5. Hosford has been coaching Sheldon Little League for 25 years. Advertisement

"This was an unexpected but an appreciated surprise," said Hosford.

Hosford started coaching little league baseball in 1979. "I was in little league growing up and it was something I always wanted to do," he said.

A friend asked Hosford if he was interested in helping coach a team and he accepted. "Once I coached that one time, I knew then that I still wanted to be a part of little league," said Hosford.

Later, he watched his own children play in the league. "I coached my son, LaMarr, until he was in the Majors, then started coaching softball 11 years ago when my daughter, Christina, started playing T-ball," he said.

Hosford had plans to retire after this year, but he changed his mind. "I have too many people telling me not to retire, and after this year my daughter will be too old to play little league and she has plans to coach with me.

"I thought about the chance of me coaching baseball again, but my softball team does not want me to leave, and I don't know what would happen to the softball league if I went back to baseball," said Hosford.

Hosford does not want to see the end of the softball league because he feels he is responsible for some of the girls at C.E. King High School who play softball. "I have coached a lot of children during my 25 years and I have coached a lot of girls who are now on the high school team," he said.

"It has been a rewarding experience watching the children I used to coach years ago coaching their own children today."

Hosford is originally from the Sheldon area and moved to the North Shore area in 1978.

"I know most of the community because I have been involved with little league for so long," he said. When asked what he would do if he retired from coaching little league, he said, "I would be totally lost, coaching little league has been my life." Not only is he a coach for a softball team, he is vice president of the Sheldon Softball League.

Because little league is only played seven months out of the year, Hosford begins with the fundamentals at the beginning of each season and works with those who have never played softball before. "It is a pleasure to coach children who have no idea what softball is all about and to watch them improve over time," said Hosford.

The coach was also presented with a plaque in appreciation of his 25 years of service.

The softball field is located on Reservoir Road and Highway 90.

Update your address

Russell Husted - June 30 , 2004

Unknown addresses - Invitations to Husted Hoedown returned

If your name is in this list will you updat your address. We spind $260.00 dollers to send out mail to have it returned each year, so pleas help us

Baker, William,, Baker,, William, (641) 446-8487,

Beery, Max, Beery,, Max,

Davidson, Margaret, 8587 Cold Harbor Lp , Manassas, VA, 20111, (703) 330-5384

Husted, Arthur, Husted,, Arthur, 3412 Arroyo Ave, Davis, CA, 95616,

Husted, Charles, Husted,, Charles, 2342 WoodStock Dr, Port Huron, MI, 48895-9651,

Husted, Charles, Husted,, Charles,

Husted, Corey, Husted,, Corey, 3711 South Buddy Dr., Tucson, AZ, 85730-4476,

Husted, Dorothy, Husted,, Dorothy, 6744 Dunns Farm Rd., Maple City, MI, 49664-9620,

Husted, E, Husted,, E, 1235 Heritage Ln., Burton, MI, 48509-2395,

Husted, Eugene & Elaine, , Husted,, Eugene, Carl, 150 Joshua Drive , Ashville, AL, 35953,

Husted, G., Husted,, G., 77 Meadow Ln, Ithaca, MI, 48847-1846 ,

Husted, Gary & Amy, Husted,, Gary, & Amy, 3122 W. Oregon Rd , Lapeer, MI, 48446-7701 ,

Husted, Jennifer, Husted,, Jennifer, 16104 Charter Oaks Dr., Davison, MI, 48423-3283,

Husted, Jenny, Husted,, Jenny, 29500 Beechwood St, Garden City , MI 48135-2377, ,

Russell Husted, 7/2/2004,Husted, John, Husted,, John, Died, Tulsa, OK, -, Died 2004, ,

Husted, John, Husted,, John, 2683 Woodlake Rd Sw, Grand Rapids, MI, 49509-4663,

Husted, Neoma May, Husted,, Neoma, May, 1109 Peachtree , Mt Pleasnt, MI, 48858, (989)

Lott, Terry C, Lott,, Terry, C, Russell Husted, 6/15/2004,4:03 PM, 6/15/2004,4:03 PM, Russell Husted, Mailing Address - Home Address Roger & Starla Woodard 1605 Portabell Rd Apt 6, Mt Pleasant Mi,

Rex Husted 1910 Cypress Pl, Springdae, Ar

Lois Wier Jennifer Husted 2564 Abbott Rd Lansing Contact them if you know their addresses

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