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Minutes of board meeting Dec 1, 2006

Date Dec 1, 2006

Time 8 PM

Opened meeting Role call:

LeRoy Husted, hear

Tim Husted , Not Here

Gene Husted, Not Here

Russell Husted, here

Wayne Husted, Not here

Bill Husted ,Not Here

Kim Diener, Here

George Husted, Not here

Debi Cooney, Not here

Approved minutes of last meeting:

2, Yes

0, NO

New business:

Welcome new board members to the board:

George Husted Voted in by members to become Cochairmen of the Board for 2007 and 2008.

Kim Diener Voted in by members to the board and to run woman's Dept for (2007 and 2008).

Notice: To all Board members in the board meeting part of the web site you will find the new set of bylaws read them over we will be voting on then in January.

Notice: To all board members read the polls if you can not attend a board meeting you will be able to vote by proxy by putting your vote in the polls or you can e-mail them to Wayne Husted

Move meeting be closed

3 Yes

0 no

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