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Minutes of board meeting Feb, 28 , 2007

Call Meeting to order.

Take Role.

LeRoy Here

George Here

Bill not here

Gene not here

Russell not here

KIM not here

Wayne not here

Is there any old business.

Approval of the minutes of the Dec. 1, board meeting.


The minutes of the last meeting are posted , you can get to them by using the link (Board meetings) in the myfamily site, Please read them so we donít have to post them at the Board meetings.

Yes Proxy votes: LeRoy, George, Gene, Russell, Bill, Kim




Approved 6 to 0

Financial report

At this time $0.00


All our funds were used up last year do to having to increase the size of the myfamily web site.

Yes Proxy Votes: LeRoy, Russell, Bill

Yes:George 4



Approved 4 to 0

Approve a budget of $ 283.00 for year of 2007


This budget will cover the myfamily we site of $60.00 an some on postage for invitations and may be we can register a domain name for the Assoc. on the internet

Yes Proxy Votes LeRoy, Gene, George, Russell, Bill




Approved 5 to 0

Approve bylaws For the Husted Family National Assoc. so as to conform to the gov. 501 (c) (3)


These bylawes can be amended, did away with or changed from time to time with a vote by the boad.

Yes: Proxy Votes: LeRoy, Russell, Bill

Yes:George 4



Approved 4to 0

Approve not having membership dues for 2007 (work on donations.)


we have been running short on donations so we need to get some thing to sell Cups, Family tree on CDs, ect to help out.

Yes: Proxy Votes: LeRoy, George, Russell, Bill

Yes: 4



Approved 4 to 0

Approve George to over see Chat room.


George opened it and no one was showing up. We need to help sport it by joining in at least till it gets started. May be we could use the new chat room for it this chat room can be set up to be on other web sits letting none members join in on the chat.

Yes: Proxy Votes: LeRoy, Gene, George, Russell, Bill




Approved 5 to 0

Is there any more new business.

We will have progress reports on: Webmasters report, Genealogy Dept report, Financial report, Woman's Department report, )News letter report (Cryer and Reunion report.

Webmasters report is as fallows:

The new items that we have added to our web site are:

1. (Search My Site) This is a search engine that will allows us to search the internet as well as search our own web site .This search engine is on the My Family site only and we can place 100 items from our web pages in it.

2. We have added a E-card to the my family this e-card you can add pic.

3. We added a pull down Curtin that has all the board members page on it.

4. We have added some pages on the HFNA web sit for the listing boards, comities, and meeting minutes of meetings and ect.

5. We now have a Husted family web ring working where all husteds with a web site can join. it can be found in the HFNA web site.

6. We have a Genealogy Forum and a chat room that links can be put on other Husted sites.

7. Board members that will be unable to attend the board meeting or just want to vote ahead of time may put in a proxy vote in on the polls in the My Family web site.

8. In the custom front page in the MyFamily web site under Codes, we will be putting the codes for the chat room and message board and more. You will be able to copy them and past them in your own web site.

We will be adding to the web site on a on going bases.

Genealogy Dept report:

1. Gene has been updating the family tree on the myfamily web site on a ongoing basses.

(Notice) We are in need of setting up a Genealogy booth at the Husted Hoedown. This person would have to have a laptop computer.

Woman's Department report:

No report

News letter report (Cryer)

(Notice) Run and publish the Husted CrYer an 8 Page News letter on Geneolagy and family Events. Run on board publish it. Reporter only ( Genealogy section ) Reporter only ( Reunions ) Reporter only ( Family Stories ) Reporter only We are still looking for Volunteers to help publish it and do the reporting. So far we have two:

George Husted------Genealogy reporter.

LeRoy Husted------ Reunion reporter.

As soon as we find more volunteers we will move on to printing it.

Reunion report:

We have updated 2 reunions on the internet. Sharon Woodard will be the coordinator for 2007. will have chainsaw art at Hoedown. Consort and auction as well as meals at the Hoedown. We are still In need of Volunteers to help.

I move that meeting be closed

2nt by


Hoedown Board and Volunteers
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