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Unincorporated nonprofit (501 (c) (3) ) pending By-Laws

Article V1


These BY-LAWS may be repeald or amended, orany additional by-law or by-laws adopted, at any meeting of the Members of the Corporation at which a quorum shall be present, by a majority vote of the Memers present in person or represented by proxy, provided that the substance of any poposed amendment shall have been set forth in the notice of a meeting. These By-Laws may also be repealed, or amended, or any additional by-laws or by laws adopted, at any meeting of the Board of Directors at which the substance of any proposed amendment shall have been set forth in a notice of the meeting at which a final vote is to be taken thereon; and provided that no such vote of the Directors shall alter, or circumscribe the force and effect of, Artical 1 hereof, or the powers and duties given the Members hereunder, as amended from time to time by Members of the Corporation.