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Unincorporated nonprofit (501 (c) (3) ) pending By-Laws

Section 1.6. ( Dues, Fees and Membership Requirements,)

TheBoard of Directors has the duty and authority to set and implement all dues, fees and membership requirments for the Corporation.

Article 11

(Dirctors,Officers and Committees: Election Powers, and Duties)

Section 2.1. (Directors.)

The Board of Directors of the Corporation shall consist of not less than five(5)and not more than twelve(12)Directors.

Section 2.2. (Officers,)

The officers of the Corporation shall be a President, a Vice President a Treasurer, a Clerk,or other such officers as the Board of Directors may from time to time elect or appoint. Except as otherwise specifically required by law, the same person may simultaneously occupy more than one office, Officers must be Members.

Section 2.3. (Term of office: Vancancies.)

The Directors shall hold office for three years, unless a shorter period shall have been specified by the terms of his or her election or appointment.The terms of office shall be staggerd so that approximately one third of the Directors' terms of office end each year. TheOfficers shal hold office, ecept as outherwise herewise hereinafter provided, until the next annual meeting of Members or Directors at which they are regularly elected and until their respective successors are chosen and qualified. Incase a vacancy shall occur for any cause in the Board Directors or any other office, including a vacancy resulting from enlargement of the Board, the Board of Directors (or the remaining Directors, although less then a quorm) may fill such vacancy by affirmative vote of a majority of the Directors then in office. Any vacancy in the Board of Directors may also filled by the Members at any annual or special meeting unless such vacancy shall have been previously filled by the Board of Directores. A Director or office so elected by the Board of Directors or the Members to fill such vacancy shell hold office only until the next annual meeting at which time the office would regurlarly be fild.

Section 2.4. (Resignation and Removal)

Any Director may be removed from office without cause by the vote, at a meeting at which a quorum is present, of a majority of Members who are present or duly reprsented by proxy, and any officer may be removed from office with or without cause by the vote of the Directors then in office.