During my years of
teaching, my students
have said some very cute
things that I would like
to share with you...
(all names have been changed)
Kids say the funniest things...

One day we were putting on a play about 5 Little Ducks.
Matthew was the daddy duck. He was suppose to say,
"Quack, quack, quack!" Instead during the program
he said,"Come to Daddy!"

During roll call I forgot to put an A(absent) beside
Joey's name. Albert noticed my error & said
rather sternly, "Absent him!"

One of the 4 year old twins told the speech teacher
that a map was "news", and a globe was "ball news."
He was stating the facts...not making a joke!

One of the aides asked Jonah to count for me.
After a deep breath he said, "One...!" That's all, just one!

I asked Hannah what would she do if she had 2 candybars
& her hungry brother didn't have any.
Very thoughtfully she said, "I'd give him a carrot!"

I showed my preschoolers a picture of President Bush
& asked if anyone knew who it was. Steven said,
"I think it's George Washington!" Close!

Young Carrie was forgetful.
She asked, "Which name are you?"

I asked Angela if she was going to be a very
smart lady when she grew up.
she said,"No, I'm going to be very beautiful!"
She added that she wants to be a princess.

We were planning to have pancakes for preschool snack.
I asked Marcus if he liked pandcakes.
He said, "I like pie!"

Nick was sitting by me during circle time & playing
with my rings. He asked if I was married.
He said, "You can't be, teachers aren't suppose
to be married!"

I was away from the classroom when Jordan arrived.
He asked, "Where Miss Zar?"
Then he added, "Poor Miss Zar!"
Guess he figured I was sick that day.

Cindy said she was going to "Kindergarten Rollup".
(She ment "Roundup"!)

Thomas asked if the speech teacher was coming today. I told him,
"No, she only comes on Wednesdays and Fridays."
He asked, "Why, is she tired?"

For morning snack, we counted wrong and set out too
many bowls of cereal. The aid didn't want it to go to waste
so she sat down with the kids to eat.
Duane said, "Hey, don't you eat my teacher's cereal!"

Christian, age 4, was sitting in front of me in a circle.
He turned around & said, "I want to be a teenager!"

Four year old Justin came in the door, shook my hand,
and said, "Hi, I'm Spider Man. Don't do drugs!"

Josh told the lunch aid that she was going to get
fired if she served ravioli one more time!

Jamey and his family visited our church on Sunday.
I gave him a tiny "Wordless Book" which tells the
story of Jesus throught symbolic colors.
The next Sunday I asked him if he still had it.
He said, "Yeah, but now it's got dinosaur stickers in it!"

We invited another classroom over to join us for a
Thanksgiving activity. They were going to be the Indians,
we would be the Pilgrims. Marcus said, "I'd rather be
a Power Ranger!"

I was playing a food/animal language game with my
younger group. They would turn over a card,
name it, then to be silly if they got a food card,
they'd 'eat' it. One kid 'ate' an animal. William
said, "No no!", and put his hand under the kids mouth
so he'd spit the animal out!

It was rest time, but one of the girls wouldn't settle
down. The aide said, "You'd better lay down or you
know what's going to happen." Next thing
we knew Emma was prancing around holding a pillow
over her behind...now we know what happens at home.

Alexis was playing outside in our wooded playground
when she suddenly had to go peepee. Being a farm
girl, she hid behind a tree, pulled down her panties,
and did it! "No Alexis, you can't do that at
school!" we shouted. Kyle said, "Ya because the tree
will die."

Bob came into the building(empty handed) to sign in
at the school office. Tim saw him & said, "Ruth,
your Bob is here. He has no candy. I'm so
sad!" (Everybody knows he brings treats when he
comes to visit.)

Elise gets the toy phone & says, "Hello Bob?
Bring us candy! Bye."

I was pushing the TV & VCR cart back into the
classroom. Terry was already sitting on the floor
in front of the spot whre the cart goes.
I asked him if he was waiting for the TV. He said,
"Yes, and I'm holding my horses!"

We'd been talking about senses for several days.
To review, I asked what do you hear with, what do you
taste with, ect. When I asked what do you see with,
Donnie said, "Binoculars!"

My aide asked Ray if they had cows at his house.
"No Mary," he said seriously. "They are at the barn!"

Mitchell thought he'd get a few brownie points so
He brought my coffee over to where I was working.
Trouble was, it had been setting on my desk for
4 hours...yuk!

Crackley had been slightly naughty AGAIN,
so Denise told her to stay in her chair. She
stayed in her chair alright...but walked around
the room with chair "attached" to her bottom!

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