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  WE HAVE MOVED...ALL GOLDEN VOICE INFO NOW AT WWW.THEGOLDENVOICE.COM   For nearly two years, a voice which once echoed through venues across Midwestern U.S. and Canada was silent. The voice once known for thundering introductions for anyone from up-and-coming independent talent to Hall of Fame Legends seemingly disappeared. The time has come to bring an end to the silence.

     From April 1999 until May 2002, The Golden Voice of Independent Wrestling maintained a full-time tour schedule with many promotions. After the demise of ECW and WCW, chances seemed slim for a future in professional wrestling. At that time, Kevin lost hope he would learn to love the ring as he once had before and cut his appearances to sporadic at best.

     February 2005, Kevin returned for one night only for IWA: Mid South. On this night, The Golden Voice was reborn and thus, Golden Voice Entertainment was relaunched. Thanks to the talented wrestlers and promoters of the IWA, Kevin realized that even if the chances of a contract seem slim, one can still find happiness in a business that flows through their veins.

     Though a full-time independent schedule will likely not happen again, Kevin is more than happy to lend his vocals on a part-time basis. Promoters looking for the greatest voice not under contract to WWE to add to their shows need look no further.



Updated 07/31/05

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