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Harley's Green-Stiva

Here's some pics and info on Harley's ride.


Here's a front shot of Harley's ride. As you can see, he's put a lot of work into his car. In case you didn't notice, that's not the usual Festiva green. He's also, installed a rear mounted VW style antenna. If you look at the bottom in front, you'll see a front spoiler. No, they did not come out with a Festiva kit. That's a rear trunk spoiler from another car. Working with a Festiva is not easy, as there is not a lot of aftermarket support for them. This hasn't stopped Harley though.

The Inside Story

Here's a couple shots of Harley's interior. As you can see, he's livened it up just a little bit in here. All the touches of paint match the coloring of his system. You can see the head unit that powers the sounds below. Also, check out the seats. These are not from some magazine. They're from an '88 VW Jetta. Looks like they'd hold onto ya'. Not only was he lucky enough to find them in such good shape, but they were his buddy's and he got them for free. Can't beat that.

Onto The Noise.

Here's a shot of the rear of the car. You'll notice it's loaded with noise makers to keep Harley occupied while he cruises along. A lot of time and money went into his instalation, and he did it entirely by himself. I'd say if he lived any closer to me; he'd be over next weekend to help me put mine in. If you want specifics on the system, or just let Harley know what you think of his car, drop him a line. You can e-mail him at Keep checking back to see how his work is coming along.