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Rank in Y2K Best Artists list - credit to ~Flame UK station Channel 4 and HMV did a consumer survey earlier this year of peoples favorite Group, Album, and Influential artist. The Music For The Millennium charts have Jamiroquai ranked at #66. The list contains many fad bands amoungst a handful of worthy artists which is why Jamiroquai was knocked down so far.

JK with Children's Promise - credit to virtual-insanity Jay Kay has joined with several other artists for the Children's Promise charity record It's Only Rock And Roll '99. Jay also makes an appearance in the music video for about 2 seconds in his feather headgear.

MTVEurope Awards Results Another year, another chance denied for the prize. Jamiroquai lost to Moby for Best Dance Act and Backstreet Boys for Best Group. "King For A Day" was the song performed and went off without a hitch.

Jam makes Bassist 'Best' list... - credit to Scott R. Readers of 'Bassist' magazine were recently polled of which are the 'Best Bass Albums' you will ever hear and should reccommend to any fellow bassist to check out. Well, the list will release Dec. 12th in the January 2000 issue and Jamiroquai are on the list. Check it out to see which album(s) are concidered worthy. Also, a certain former bass player has an interview inside the same issue...

MTVEurope Awards to Show in US MTV Europe Music Awards will air on MTV (US) on November 20th. Everyone bummed that they wouldn't get to see the show on the other side of the Atlantic can now be happy. Jamiroquai are set to perform their upcoming single, "King For A Day".

Supersonic video at #4 on... - credit to Paul S. With every band member filmed seperately on a green screen background (known as a 'blue screen'). With every member dancing and grooving to 'Supersonic' at one quarter normal speed. With every member being filmed on a special computer controlled camera system that would give 'The Matrix' creators a run for their money. "Supersonic" has become the 4th most expensive music video ever made. Concidering that the "Deeper Underground" price tag was £650,000 and isn't in the Top 4...

Top 4 Expensive Music Videos (from the Top 10 list)

#1 Will Smith - "Wild Wild West"

#2 Michael & Janet Jackson - "Scream"

#3 TLC - "No Scrubs"

#4 Jamiroquai - "Supersonic"

Single 4: BCD to hit Europe - credit to Blaz Europe's 4th single to see off of the 'Synkronized' album will be "Black Capricorn Day". Music Express currently lists 1 single for the moment. At this point, don't expect to see the single pop up until Capricorn season is in full swing at the beginning of next year.

Supersonic US Tracklist, WOW! - credit to Andrew M. The rumour of a 8 track maxi cd for the US is true and how. This almost album length cd contains a large portion of the 1999 Remixes Box Set. Current release date is November 23rd.


1. Supersonic (Peter Heller - The Love Mix)

2. Supersonic (Peter Heller - The Love Dub)

3. Supersonic (Sharp Razor Remix)

4. Supersonic (Restless Soul Main Vocal Mix)

5. Supersonic (Harvey's Fuel Altered Mix)

6. Supersonic (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Ace Klub Mix)

7. Supersonic (Desert Eagle Discs Mix)

8. Supersonic (Album Version)

Supersonic for America - credit to scam102 (US date) With the music video getting a slow run in America, the single looks to be heading over for a chance to boost album sales. There is already a radio promo floating around music stations (radio edit & dirty rotten scoundrels ace klub mix) & now a single has popped up at CDNow to release November 9th. If the music video & song can get some heavy play, 'Supersonic' could be what 'Virtual Insanity' was to the TWM album sales.

European Clothes Line - credit to BV (Belgium release) & ino (shirts) The Levi's clothing line from Japan is starting to pop up around Europe now. The Jamiroquai t-shirts have been spotted in Belgium, Sweden, and Holland. The clothing line consists of 6 shirts: black (silver logo), red (blue logo), white (gray line logo), black (silver logo black neck), red (blue logo red neck), white (gray line logo white neck).

BCD Video Already Shown - credit to ino Japan has to be the luckiest country out there, not only has 'Supersonic' been getting a run (#4 on the Vibe Video Charts) but 'Black Capricorn Day' has also been shown. Sony flying is saying that the music video arrived mid September & that the single was sold in Japan. No one has seen the single but that's what they say. As for the music video that was filmed in Glasgow, Scotland at the end of June?

"Anyway, BCD video's content is, 'JK run away'. I can't say well. He rides on motorbike."

MOBO Award Show Results The results are in and Jamiroquai lost both Best Single and Best Album this time around at the Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) award show after winning Best Album back in 1997 for 'Travelling Without Moving'.

Holland Free T-Shirt Deal - credit to Rene S. A special deal in Holland. When you buy 'Synkronized' at the Free Record Shop, you get a coupon for a free Levi's Jamiroquai T-Shirt when you buy Levi's jeans.

This is good news since Levi's only other promotion for the band clothing right now are the T-Shirts available at Levi's Original Stores in Japan.

MTV Europe Music Award Nominations - credit to scam102 MTV Europe will be getting a bit more funk in this November 11th as Jamiroquai will not only perform at the Music Award show, but are nominated for the "Best Dance" and "Best Group" awards. This year's show is held in Dublin, Ireland at The Point.

KFAD Video filmed - credit to the Official News Letter (KFAD Video) What we have already stated is confirmed, 'King For A Day' is the next single in November (the 22nd is the current listed date and is the same day JFK was shot in Dallas in 1963). The video has been filmed (your guess is a good as mine on what to expect) but you must remember the song is a negative view from Jay on the leaving of Stuart Zender.

Still no November dates for the US & Canada OR a release date for 'Black Capricorn Day'.

According to MTV's 120 Minutes (US) has already shown "Supersonic". Now if I remember correctly, they SAID they would show Supersonic and showed "Canned Heat" instead. On a more postive note, "Supersonic" has been seen on MuchMusic and should increase over the next few weeks. The video is already airing in Europe and Australia where the song has been released as a single.

Jam to guest on new TJ album - credit to japes Jamiroquai is currently lined up to guest on the next Tom Jones album along with others like Jarvis Cocker and James of JTQ.

Jamiroquai get VH1 Nomination It's Fashion Award time again and the group has recieved a nomination for the "Visionary Video" award. The shows airs December 5th on VH1.

Supersonic Chart Results Supersonic crashed into the UK charts at a droning 22 position.

"Jamiroquai come back down to earth slightly after the Number 4 smash hit Canned Heat, just missing out on a place in the Top 20 with their second release of the year. Supersonic's rather darker feel has contributed to a lack of airplay and it is certainly one of the more challenging singles they have ever released - how many tracks released this year can you name with a Digeridoo at the front of the mix?. In short, it is a bold choice for release as a single but given time it grows on you, just like many other similarly challenging Jay Kay penned tracks before it." - dotmusic

Supersonic Chart Prediction dotmusic is predicting that 'Supersonic' will hit somewhere in the Top 10 Charts for the UK.

"Jamiroquai has gone for the poppier edge of soul this year and it's paid off with hit records like 'Canned Heat' and 'Deeper Underground'. Now he's skating away from pop again with 'Supersonic', which is a far darker and moodier affair altogether. It does have enough of a commercial edge though to guarantee him another chart hit."

Supersonic Track Listing - credit to David R.


1. Supersonic (radio edit)

2. Supersonic (pete heller - the love mix)

3. Supersonic (harvey's fuel altered mix)


1. Supersonic

2. Supersonic (restless soul main vocal)

3. Supersonic (sharp razor remix)

The 12" Box Set has been pushed back another week to September 20th.

Supersonic Video Preview - credit to Greg F. The 30sec preview from the official site isn't worth anything but for people outside of Europe this may be your only shot at seeing the video for awhile. Click here to see the Supersonic video in RealMedia Stream format.

Do You Look Like JK? contest - credit to ino OK, I recieved this on the 3rd and I emailed Sony Japan trying to find out whether this contest is limited to just Japan fans or is it open to everyone. They never gave an answer (not a shock really) so I say ANYONE can enter in this contest for a Jamiroquai Frisbee that sparkles when thrown. So, Do You Look Like JK? If you look like the frontman or know someone (and even something) that looks like Jay then click here and email it to Sony Music Japan. Full details (in Japanese) can be found at the flying japan website. The contest is open until September 30th.

King For A Day Release Date - credit to Nik H. As we previously reported, 'King For A Day' looks to be the next single in the line of releases. Music Capital is now reporting that the single will release November 22.

Documentary turned down - credit to David P. David P. writes: "I read something the other day (Thursday I think) in The Sun, a British newspaper, that Jamiroquai had rejected an offer from the BBC to do a fly on the wall documentary because the money wasn't good enough."

Does anyone have the actual article? Please email us so we can add it into the Articles Archive.

Simon Katz relaxes from tour - credit to petalpixie Simon Katz was spotted getting some fresh air outside the trendy "205" club in New York on Friday night. Simon has a lot of friends in New York and often flies over to spend time with them. Mr. Katz, like most of the band, were on break over the Labor Day (US) weekend. They will be back together in time for Friday (Sept. 10th) to appear on BBC4 for TFI Friday to perform 'Supersonic' that releases the 13th.

Speed Freaks gets TWM intro - credit to Jamline "Travelling Without Moving" is in the intro to the Sony playstation game "Speed Freaks". This European game is a Mario Kart 64 clone with cheesy weapons added and a commerical ripping off the US Jet Moto 2 commerical. No plans are in the works to import this game outside of Europe (thankfully).

Hey guys, just some advise. Next time they take one of your songs, hold out for EA's The Need For Speed series or get a electronica based song & go for Psygnosis with their Wipeout series.

Jamiroquai get two MOBO nominations The MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) awards nominations have just been announced and Jamiroquai are up for two: Best Album and Best Single. The awards ceremony will be held later in the year and is to be hosted by Melanie G (of Spice Girls) and Wyclef Jean.

Design cover contest & prizes! Lex (aka Slug) gave the idea but we had to add that dotcom flair to it. From now until Sunday night September 12, you can submit your own cover design for the Supersonic cover. Starting Sept 13th (the day the single releases) until the Wednesday night (15th), fans can vote on their favorite cover they would choose to have on the single if they had a choice.

First place is a cdr of one of the following bootlegs: Songs For Manitu, If I Like It I Do It, Funky Paranoia, 420, Alright Collection, Glastonbury/Tokyo 1995, Vibrations, Cosmic Sessions, Cosmic Ride, or Jammin On The Radio. 2nd Place & Third Place are a copy of the US Deeper Underground 2nd Promo.

Rules: 1. No Using Existing Single, Album, Bootleg Covers (Jamiroquai and other groups) 2. The Buffalo Man must appear somewhere in the cover. 3. Size must be 545x465 (the size of this cover). 4. Have Fun!

canned Heat #1 dance track in US For the week of September 11, 1999, Canned Heat is #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Music / Club Play chart after ten weeks of charting.

Our Supersonic UK CD Cover "That Supersonic cover sucks!" you say? Well I know that but I have no control over it. However, I do agree that it's a terrible cover (see cover). I decided to play around with some various ideas that the song brings up and put them together. It took 15mins (after all it's an example, not something to be printed) and borrows a few "in concert" photos fans have sent in to get the idea across. Have a look at's 'Supersonic' cover. (one photo from Mike Gionet and six from David Rosa).

MuchMusic snubs Canned Heat Canada's MuchMusic are holding their annual Video Music Awards soon and today (8/30) the nominiations were announced. Though many of the nominiations were indeed fine videos, Jamiroquai's visually impressive promo for Canned Heat failed to win a nomination. Videos like Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) and Livin' La Vida Loca, among eight other nominees, somehow gained more favour.

The last time Jamiroquai were nominated at the MMVA's was in 1997 for Virtual Insanity. It failed to win and the award instead went to both Daft Punk for Da Funk and The Chemical Brothers for Setting Sun. This year, however, marked the first time a Jamiroquai video ever made an appearance on the MuchMusic Top 30 Countdown (recognizing both popular videos - not necessarily having to be of good quality - and quality videos). So, it comes as a surprise that this video isn't being recognized with a nomination. At least Britney Spears or Wild Wild West weren't nominated!

A 'Soul Education' for Spain - credit to Karim S. 'Supersonic' may be the next single in Europe but radio stations in Spain also have 'Soul Education' for radio play. The song could start entering the charts as early as next week. No 'single' plans at the moment but it goes over well when played live.

King For A Day single TBA - credit to Greg F. A company called 'All Stars' has added 'King For A Day' (CD1 & CD2) to their list of backorder items. No track list or release date is given with it BUT this is the same company that listed 'Supersonic' weeks before it was officially announced.

Which single will be out first? The biggest question (and becoming a strange tale) is Which single is coming out first? And even better, WHEN!? Japan has 'Black Capricorn Day' on hold for the moment with no release date. The US seems to have the 'BCD' single hinting at a November date for the band's return. The rest of the world haven't even seen a date mentioned. On the UK/Europe side with 'Supersonic', another single trapped in release date mystery, has been pushed back further to September 13th (same day the '12" Box Set' releases in the UK).

Wallis B. ready for SA Tour - credit to official mailing list Wallis Buchanan has healed up from the US Tour problems and is ready to take on the South American tour leg. He recently spent a few days on holiday in Scotland.

Derrick's Favorite US Tour Memories - credit to official mailing list Derrick McKenzie was interviewed at the video shoot and asked about the US Tour.

"One word described it for him: "Wicked". He also said that the "The US crowd response just gets better everytime we play there! Asked about memorable dates from the tour, Denver was the date that really stuck in his mind - "The best one of them all. The open air July 4th gig was a great start to the tour and Atlanta will also be remembered as it was Darren's (DJ D-Zire's) birthday that same day."

No Supersonic Video Photo preview - credit to official mailing list

"As much as we'd love to, we're unable to show you the photos taken at the recent filming of Supersonic. Why? Because we don't want to reveal the secret of how it was all done quite yet! However, we can say you'll get to see Jay, Toby, Wallis and Derrick vibin' to some stunning visual effects. We can't say much more than that until the video hits the airwaves in about 3 weeks time.."

What? No Nick Fyffe? There was a filming session during the week of shooting labeled "Band". He should be in the video and the possibly the rest of the great crew that play on the album were there: Simon K., Darren, Sola, Martin, Mike, and Simon C.

BCD for Japan Postponed - credit to Greg F. According to CD Japan, "Black Capricorn Day" was to release on August 25th (no track list is posted with it yet). Now it looks as if the single is going to be pushed back just like 'Supersonic' was for UK/Europe. 'BCD' is set to release around the world (excluding UK/Europe who may have a double A-Side of 'BCD' with 'Supersonic') but no dates have been released yet.

Release date changes: Super & 4x12" box set of mixes - credit to Greg F. HMV (UK) has listed 'Supersonic' to release September 6th, 1999. They have also listed the 4x12" Box Set to release on September 13th, 1999.

'The Singles Collection' Available Again? Yes! The limited edition 'The Singles Collection' released in Canada has resurfaced. You can find several online stores selling it but the best deals (which customers have confirmed recieving the product from) are & Don't miss this wooden box set.

More on Hey!Hey!Hey! Show - credit to Q (Simon update) Jamiroquai returned to Hey!Hey!Hey! on Japanese TV this August 8th for promotional work. You can see photos from the show and some short promos for their return by clicking here. Simon Katz seems to be missing from the performance and replaced by a gentleman in a 'blue striped' shirt, even filling in for the promo ads.

Update: I have been told that Simon was on holiday and couldn't make it. The gentleman filling in is the sound engineer, Rick.

Possible JK/EW&F project? The group Earth, Wind, and Fire are planning a new album for spring release. The group is also talking with many artists who may sing with and/or write songs for the new album including Jay Kay from Jamiroquai, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz, and Lauryn Hill.

MTV Video Music Awards Nominees MTV have announce their nominees and Jamiroquai is no where to be seen amoungst the 19 Major Categories. Jamiroquai & Jonas Åkerlund (director of "Canned Heat") fans may want to tell MTV what they think by clicking here.

Next Single: BCD or Super? - credit to Greg F. (Supersonic date) According to the US 'Synkronized' Tour book, "Black Capricorn Day" is the next single to release in the US. The video has already been shot in Scotland and should start appearing mid-August as this point with the single out at the end of August/start of September. HMV (UK) has listed "Supersonic" to release on August 30th and the video is being filmed in London at the start of August. I have no idea why this is happening but Jay Kay has made it clear at the US concerts that "BCD" is the next US single. The world may see a split with some countries recieving "BCD" (North and South America) and others getting "Supersonic" (UK, probably Europe). More on "who gets what" when it's announced.