"I'm With the Band" recap, by Becky C_______ (Originally Aired 11/13/1999)

    In the opening of the show, we see Nick playing pretend with his enormus drum set. He has everything, the dry ice and lights. Except one other thing he doesn't have is his OWN music. He's just pounding and pretending to Rush's "The Spirit of Radio."

    In gym, the Geeks (Sam, Neal, and Bill) are getting informed of a new state rule. The most tribulent and scary thing for an undeveloped adolecence boy: Showering After Gym. Sam is instanly scared, except for Neal who already had chest hair. ( A little)

    We get to see The Freaks band rehearse. One thing comes to mind watching them. They suck. They all look non-serious except for poor Nick. After they get done playing, there is discussion over what the band should be called.

    Back to the Geeks.. Sam refuses to shower and makes up excuses and hides whenever the time comes to shower while Neal proudly displays his.... uh.. chest hair. Bill wears a robe instead of a towel, which is funny.

    There is another scene in Nick's basement with the band rehearsing. Nick and Lindsay try to convince Daniel and Ken to try harder and take it seriously which does not smooth quickly past thier enormus egos. Daniel gets angry and leaves with Kim, calling Lindsay "Yoko". Ken follows. IN Nick's anger, he even turns on Lindsay.

    At the Wier dinner table. Sam complains he doesn't want to get naked infront of other guys. His parents try to tell him to be "proud of his body". This was especially funny because they even made Lindsay compliment Sam, at which she says... "Yeah Sam.. if I wasn't your sister... oh boy."

    In order to cheer Nick up, Lindsay informs him of an auditon for a band called "Dimension" whom are supposed to be "the top working band in Detroit." They go to the audition and it is clear to see Nick is very nervous. The band tests him in various drumming speeds then it is clear that they dont' think he's that good. After commercial, Nick and Lindsay are in what looks like an alley. Nick feels pretty bad for himself and goes on about how he's through and going to the army. You just have this feeling you know what's going to happen until it does: Lindsay kisses Nick!

    We return to the locker room where Sam finally decides to take a shower, claiming he is proud of his body. Alan, the bully gets ahold of him and pushes Sam out into the hallway. Luckily, there is nobody out there. Sam begins pounding on the door and trying to get the bullies to let him back in. Alan opens the door and says,"Forgot this." as he pulls Sam's towel off his body. When you think it couldn't get any worse, a bell rings. Unknown of what to do, poor Sammy begins running around the halls like a decapitated chicken. The only thing covering him is a blue dot, digitaly put there. This is one of the funniest 30 seconds of television as Sam runs around the crowded hallways.

    In the next scene, Nick tells Lindsay he "Can't stop thinking about that kiss," which gives you the interpetation that they might be a couple. They walk out to the smoking patio where Daniel comforts Nick about not getting a spot in "Dimension". All is well with the Freaks. Kim procedes to drag Lindsay away and hisses to her, "I heard that you jumped Nick. You don't have to act innocent, Lindsay. I know you're a slut." Well...

    As the Geeks are walking home, we see Sam being comforted by Neal and Bill. Alan rides up in his silly looking bike for more teasing. Cindy rides by in a car and yells to Sam, "Hey, Sam, I heard you streaked! Way to go!" This makes Sam happy and Alan ride away.

Becky's Opinion    There ends that episode, and in my opinion, the best so far! It was just a great episode and made me want to see the next episode. It's been almost 2 months without a new episode and I want more!! So, I can't wait for "Carded and Discarded" which I hear is about Lindsay getting fake IDs for her friends to get into a concert. Sounds good.

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