Episode Three: Tricks and Treats _______ (Originally Aired 10/30/1999)

In episode three it's Halloween and Lindsay and Sam are both deciding on how to spend the evening. Sam is trying to decide whether he's too old to go trick or treating. After being assigned to read a long boring book over Halloween weekend he makes up his mind to go out for the weekend and not waste his time reading. He talks Bill and Neil into going trick or treating one last time.

Meanwhile Lindsay is torn between helping her mom handout candy or hanging out with the freaks for a night of Halloween mischief. But after feeling insulted by one of her old brainy friends Millie, Lindsay decides to ditch her mom and join the freaks. So the geeks put their costumes together, Sam as Gort, the robot from "The Day the Earth Stood Still", Neil as Groucho, and Bill as the Bionic Woman. They travel around the neighborhood getting laughed at by everyone they see. They get a lot of candy but it is eventually stolen when they run into bully Allan and his friends.

While this is happening, Lindsay is out with the freaks mashing people's jack o' lanterns and throwing eggs. The climax of the episode occurs when Lindsay accidentally throws eggs at Sam and the geeks right after their scuffle with Allan. She tries to apologize but Sam is really hurt and runs home.

Lindsay makes the freaks take her home where she is confronted with her angry parents. But Sam doesn't tell on Lindsay and she realizes that she's trying too hard to fit in. Finally she decides to help her mom hand out candy afterall.

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