Episode Two: Beers and Weirs _______ (Originally Aired 10/2/1999)

At the beginning of the episode we find out that Lindsay and Sam's parents are going away for the weekend. They want to find someone to watch Lindsay and Sam but Lindsay talks them into putting her in charge. The freaks find out that Lindsay's parents will be away and talk her into throwing a beer bash.

Sam finds out and is concerned that Lindsay will be in over her head. He confides in Neil and Bill about the party and they try to think of a way to stop it. The geeks decide to foil the party by replacing the beer with non-alcoholic beer. They visit a liquor store and eventually talk the cashier into letting them buy a keg of non-alcoholic beer. They pull the keg back to Sam's house and Sam and Bill switch the kegs while Neil, who has a huge crush on Lindsay, tries to distract her. The geeks are successful with the switch and when the party goers arrive they can't tell the difference.

But the party takes a darker turn when Lindsay discovers Daniel, who she has a crush on, making out on her bed with Kim. She then turns to Nick for comfort and he tries to unhook her bra.

Neil comes to her rescue and comes up with a plan to get all the people out of the house. Meanwhile, geek Bill, who was garding the real keg in Sam's bedroom, actually does get drunk while watching one of his favorite shows, Dallas. Also Sam is forced to make small talk with his crush Cindy, who shows up at the party unexpectedly. But all the chaos comes to an end when Neil calls the police pretending to be an annoyed neighbor complaining about the party.

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