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Below you'll find pics of my semi auto 1919 built from a SARCO Parts kit an a RPB semi kit. 

 Semi Auto parts kit as received from RPB 


Trigger, Sear, and Trigger spring


Lock Frame and Bolt. Definitely use carbide this endmill was trash when I was done. The bolt is hard.



Opening the bolt for the new larger sear



Lock frame. Notice the hardened tips.  


Cutting the accelerator for new wider trigger 



Barrel Extension

Lock frame

From this pic you can easily see the channel created to clear the raised section of the semi RSP 


Fitting the bottom plate


The best 500 bucks I ever spent.


Bottom plate Rivet holes counter sunk so rivets are flush with plate.





Getting ready to rivet the bottom plate.


I'm glad this part is done! I think it will look fine with a little finish work and Parkerizing.


This is the riveting tool I made. It works in a muffler gun.                                   The trunnion Rivets are much easier. A steel block and a hammer.


Cutting the trigger slot to the new width after welding. 


1st Time out! It sure feels good when you pull the trigger and she fires and everything works. Still needs a little work on the trigger.


I took some more off the trigger to clear the bottom plate. Ran 75 rounds through it with out any problems.


Parts blasted and ready for a bath


Warming up the bath.                                                                                                                         Below the bubbles and fizz are the parts.


Not bad I guess for my first time over all I'd give it a "B"

Click on a video below to see it in action.

Bolt and Lock Frame

1st few shots

Close up of left side

Close up of right side

left side running links

right side running links

Close up of right side links

Blasting Away

Dad shooting an Uzi

Dad shooting an S&W 76

Dad blasting a FA STEN MKII

Shooting the shorty

Another shorty vid

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 Semi prints zip -- This zip contains the prints for the semi trigger/sear and right side plate (AutoCAD and PDF formats)

 Excel File -- This is a small excel program that figures the machining dimensions for your semi bolt. It has .010 clearance built in.

Approval Letters in PDF format


Semi 1919


Semi Bren

Hand Crank

Semi M2HB

Semi M60

Semi Vickers


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The information contain in this site is intended  for the legal build of Semi-auto firearms (1919a4). All full-auto firearms on this site are legally registered.  All NFA rules apply. This site is not intended to be viewed by anyone under the age of 21. Copyrightę HFM.LLC 2003