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Sometimes my solo ventures prove to become very good adventures, with new friends made and great dive sites discovered, this trip was to be no exception.

First view of Charlotte Anne (above)

Around 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon I was offered a place on a 50 year old schooner based up in the Musandam Peninsula, North Oman, for two, but what turned out to be for three days.

After some rather quick preparation and quick decisions, I found myself speeding across the UAE to the Al Mina Port of Dibba on the Omani side to meet up with persons unknown for a speedboat trip up into Musandam.

After waiting for some time two dive boats arrived, and one departed. Soon there were people arriving to board the remaining boat and I was quickly introduced to this bunch of people who were collectively known as the "GREASY GROUPERS"

We were soon speeding north into Musandam, and by 5pm (approx) we reached Red Island Bay and the "Charlotte Anne"