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Here's a little about myself.
I was born at an early age LOL, and raised in Eastpointe, Michigan which is quite close to Detroit. I attended East Detroit High School and graduated in 1974. Five years after graduation, and many different jobs later, I joined the US Marine Corps in 1979 where I worked with the Military Police at Cherry Point MCAS, North Carolina. I was discharged in 1982.
Currently I live in Chesterfield, Michigan and work at a local retailer. I have a BIG baby of a dog named Princeton, and a 19 year old son. Which one's the bigger baby is up to you to decide LOL.
I love Unicorns, as you can tell, and will try to give you as many interesting links to these as I can.
I want to thank you for visiting and please come back and visit again as I'm always updating!


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"Chantal's Realm" (Dreams Soar With         Imagination)

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