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A Teardrop Fell Today
By Elizabeth A. Hodge © 2000

A teardrop fell today,

I knew the reason why.

I remember all the joy you gave Ö

And wonder why you had to die.

A teardrop fell today.

It wasnít very long Ö

It started forming right away

When I heard your favorite song.

A teardrop fell today,

It caught me by surprise.

A smile lingered on my lips

But my heart resounded cries.

A teardrop fell today.

Itís been more than six long years Ö

Perhaps Iím making up for time

When I couldnít shed those tears.

A teardrop fell today,

With thoughts of you, my son.

And all the love you gave to me Ö

But is that really gone?

For my precious boy, Chris
Written June 28, 2000

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