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Photo page 2

 These are photos of various rolling stock, yard, buildings, etc, taken in 1992 and 1993




Yard at Kewaunee, WI

Kewaunee Welcome Sign

Sign at Office Building

Car Ferry Slip no.1

Car Ferry Slip no.2

Auto & Service Ramp

Slip no.2 Balance Weights

Car Ferry Aurther K Atkinson


GBW Working


306 switching Norwood

307 Switching Norwood

308 Fueling up

309 A.M check before starting

309 Removing exhaust covers

Smokey A.M. Startup

Cleaning air intake screens


GBW Cabooses









GBW Rolling Stock


#1414 Covered Hopper

#2719 Box Car

#9001 Covered Hopper

#5533 Gondola

#6006 Covered Hopper

#25 Gondola

#54 Thrall Door Car

#95 Boxcar


Green Bay


Norwood Yard

Norwood Yard

Turntable & Back Shop


Alco 251

North Entrance to Norwood

Warehouse in Green Bay


GBW 312


This locomotive now resides at the Martin Marietta Quarry in Junction City, GA


(about 100 miles SW of Atlanta) where it toils along with an ex D&H RS11


Eric Rickert Photos


312 - 1

312 - 2