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The Monitors

During the events of Infinite Crisis, Alexander Luthor, Jr. revives the Multiverse by splitting the merged Earths, in an effort to find a "perfect earth" because he believed the surviving Earth to be corrupted. His plan is thwarted by Conner Kent, who destroys the tower he created to splinter the Earth. The re-collapse of the Earths resulted in excess energy that created a wholly new Multiverse consisting of 52 identical Earths. Luthor's use of the Anti-Monitor's armor to recreate the Multiverse acted as a "seed program" to proliferate all cloned universes with their own Monitor. The history of the 52 is changed by Mr. Mind's rampage creating distinct deviating histories. As a result of their being worlds with different histories, the Monitors now work as a collective to prevent interaction between the universes that could lead to a new Crisis.

Nix Uotan
Typical Monitor