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F) Un100
A) Mn75
S) Un100
E) Mn75
R) Rm30
I) Ex20
P) Am50

Health: 350 Karma: 100
Resources: Am Pop: 20

Known Powers:
Body Resistance: Am
Regeneration: In
Berserker: Ignore Stuns and Un resistance to mind control. A Yellow Psyche FEAT. must be made to come out of it.

Astro-Glider: Orion's personal vehicle gives him the following abilities:
-Control: Rm
-Speed: CL3000
-Body: Mn
-Protection: N/A
Astro-Glider's Weapons System:
-Energy Blast: Un Energy, 7 areas
-Magnetic Control: Mn
-Sealed Systems: Un
-Blinding Flash: Am
Mother Box

Talents: Martial Arts B, Vehicles, Melee Weapons

Contacts: New Gods, Justice League of America