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Nix Uotan of Earth-12

Nix Uotan

F) Rm30
A) In40
S) Mn75
E) Un100
R) Un100
I) Un100
P) Un100

Health: 245 Karma: 300
Resources: Un Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Clairaudlence: Un range (2.5 billion miles)
Clairvoyance: Un range
Communicate With Animals: Un ability to speak with animals.
Communicate with Cybernetics: Un ability to speak with intelligent machines or to take readings from non-self-aware devices.
Communicate with Plants: Un ability to speak with the higher forms of plant life.
Cosmic Awareness: CL1000 awareness of this universe and several others that exist as alternates of this one.
Empathy: Un ability to read emotions.
Force Field Generation: a protective field of CL1000 rank.
Force Field vs. Psionics: a protective field of CL1000 rank that can be extended to include anyone he chooses.
Dimensional Gateway: CL5000 ability to travel through the Multiverse
Linguistics: CL1000 ability to understand any language.
Mental Invisibility: CL1000 ability to render himself and anyone he chooses undetectable by psionic means.
Mind Probe: Un rank probes of minds and psionic phenomena. Curiously, his use of this or Telepathy gives his target Un protection against any other entity’s attempt to do likewise.
Remote Sensing: Un ability to extend the range of his senses (excluding those as above).
Self-Sustenance: Nix has never been known to eat, drink, or be required to breathe. However, all members of his race must occasionally bathe in particular radiations.
Telelocation: CL5000 ability to locate anyone in the universe.
Total Memory: CL5000 recall of everything he has ever experienced.
Levitation: Un


Talents: You name it, they can probably do it or can refer to something that tells him how to do it.

Contacts: Other Monitors