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The Highfather

The Highfather

Izaya the Inheritor

F) Rm30
A) In40
S) Rm30
E) Am50
R) Mn75
I) Am50
P) Un100

Health: 150 Karma: 225
Resources: Un Pop: Mn

Known Powers:
Body Resistance: Am protection vs. Physical and Energy

Wonder Staff: Mn material, has the following power stunts:
-Precognition: Un
-Duplication: Un
-Highfather's staff is tied directly into the Source: its powers always funtion at a level equal to its user's Psyche.
The Source: Highfather turns to the Source for guidance in times of trial. To gain advice from the Source, Highfather makes an Intuition feat roll. Other characters that are pure of heart may ask the Source for advice, and must make a Yellow Intuition feat roll. Evil or power mongering characters must make a Red feat. The advise the Source gives will always be cryptic, but the better the result the clearer the message. The Source always writes its answers in burning letters on the wall with a disembodied flaming hand.
-Duplication: CL5000
-Precognition: CL5000
-Total Recall: CL5000
-Karma: 500
-Leadership: Able to grant Karma to any New God. Highfather has free access to these Karma points, and in turn, can grant them to others using his Leadership talent.
-Alpha Bullets: In times of great need, Highfather may invoke the Alpha Bullets, projectiles of energy that extend the will of Highfather to every corner of existence. The Bullets seek out whatever individuals Highfather needs and upon contact, instantly summon them to his side. The Bullets have Life Sense and Flight at CL5000, travelling at the speed of thought. Once they touch their target, they function like Summoning. If the target is willing, he is instantly brought to Highfather's presence. If the target wishes to resist, he must make a Psyche feat roll vs. Un intensity (Highfather's Psyche).

Talents: Melee Weapons, Leadership

Contacts: New Gods, Darkseid