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F) Am50
A) In40
S) Un100
E) Mn75
R) Mn75
I) Mn75
P) Un100

Health: 265 Karma: 250
Resources: CL1000 Pop: -100

Known Powers:
True Invulnerability: Un
Invulnerabilities: CL1000 resistance to Heat, Cold, Disease, Corrosives, Toxins, and Radiation.
Immortality: Darkseid is immortal, he does not die if he reaches 0 Health and Sh-0 Endurance.
Regeneration: Un
Telepathy: Un
Telekinesis: Un
Mind Control: Un
Continuum Control: With this power, Darkseid is able control the space/time continuum at CL1000 rank. Continuum Control is powered by Element X and must be fueled every so often by absorbing it into his body. He can perform any of the following powers at CL1000, unless otherwise stated:
-Gateway: CL1000
-Dimension Travel: CL1000
-Teleportation Self/Others: CL1000
-Elemental Conversion: Sh-X
-Molecular Conversion: Sh-X
-Disintegration: Sh-X
-Molding: Sh-X
-Energy Manipulation: Sh-X
-Reality Manipulation: Sh-X
-Life Creation: Sh-X
-De-Evolution: Sh-X
-He has developed the ability to temporarily increase the rank of his Strength, Endurance or any other power to Sh-Y. He can automatically retain the enhanced state for 1-10 game turns, but he must make a Psyche FEAT each turn beyond that to retain the enhancement.
-The Omega Effect: Darkseid's most terrifying power is the "Omega Effect". These potent beams of energy project from his eyes and can lock on and track their chosen targets. When the beams do inevitably connect, they produce one of any number of effects, ranging from disintegration to teleporting the target across time and space and can even reach out into other dimensions at Sh-X.
--Omega Beams: The Omega Beams can either disintegrate it's target or steal its life force for future reanimation under Darkseid's control at Sh-X
Talents: Leadership, Military, All Scientific Skills
Contacts: New Gods, Apokolips

Darkseid's Last Form