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Missy's Homepage!

Hi! I'm Melissa, but you can call me Missy. I guess I will tell you al little about myself.. I am 19 years old and just moved out of my little hick town, in Michigan, to Grand Rapids... A bigger Hick town..

I don't look anything like my picture anymore... I have short blond hair, I am trying to grow it out.. It is finnially my natural color. oh well.. I also have Green eyes. And contrary to popular belief (and thanks to platform shoes) I am only 5 foot 4 inches tall.. I know I'm short.. (but I like it)

I just moved out of an apartment with my ex, and now I am moving in with some friends that I met in Grand Rapids, we are still looking for a place though...

When I was at Aquinas I went to a few concerts. Actually I went to my first concert the week I moved here. I went to see Mustard Plug (3 times) and Stomp and a few weekends ago I saw Atom and his Package... (And for all you sick-o's his package is a little synthesizer or something.. ) They were all pretty cool :o) I reciently saw a really cool local band called MILD 7. If you get a chance to see them do it!! It is worth it!!

Visit my links to see all of my friends cool pages and some of mine.

For most people who knew me last year, I have changed more than a lot.. But we wont get into detail.. I think I've grown up and matured a bit.

Oh I almost forgot.. I sold my 84 Impala, I got a new White 94 Ford Tarus.. I LOVE it.. It isn't a VW Beetle But I love it anyways...

If you want to talk to me, my ICQ # is 31225661, you can also talk to me on Aol, my name is MissyMD, and on yahoo messenger I'm mariemissy. And don't forget to sign my Dreambook!

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