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Make New Friends:

Make new friends,
But keep the old,
One is silver,
And the other gold.

A circle's round,
It has no end,
Thats how long,
I want to be your friend,

You hold me,
And I'll hold you,
Then together,
We will make it through.

I have a hand,
And you have another,
Put them together,
And we have each other.

Sew good friends,
Wherever you may roam,
You'll be welcome,
In my heart and home.

A fire burns bright,
It warms the heart,
We've been friends
Right from the very start.

New made friends,
Like new made wine
Grow and mature,
To the end of the time.

Friends like you,
Are one of a kind,
Very special,
And hard to find.

Friends are real,
And friends are true,
If you love them,
They will love you too.

Cherish friendship,
In your breast
New is good,
But old is best.

Across the miles,
Across the sea
Friends forever,
We will always be.

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