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Jake's chess strategy is unlike the strategy of any other human on this earth. Jake's moves are unpredictable and wild at times. He often makes one go into a "hard think."

Jake's most famous moveis the knight fork- putting Brian's king and rook in check. Brian has become weary of this move, but still falls for it if Jake gets lucky.

The "Discovered Check" is one move Jake is all about: He hides a rook behind his bishop, moves his bishop into a position to take a good piece, and at the same time puts Brian's king in check with his rook.

Jake has been known to do things such as "sneeze" when he's losing and knock the pieces off the chess board.
Chess Wars: Brian Bien VS Jake Borsenik

This is the ultimate chess tracking system of games of Jake vs. Brian. You will not find a more complete tracking system on earth that tracks the games of Jake vs. Brian.

9/30/00JAKE wins1 hourabout this game
9/31/00BRIAN wins1 hourabout this game
9/31/00JAKE wins1 hourabout this game
9/31/00BRIAN wins1 hoursabout this game
2/16/02BRIAN wins30 min / personabout this game


Brian is known for his opening "whimp out move", where he moves a pawn only one square. Like Jake, he causes a "hard think" at times.

Brian over-values his pawns and is afraid of losing one. He practically gives up if he loses a pawn.

Rather than Jake's strategy of sneezing when he is losing and knocking the pieces off the board, Brian prefers to go all-out sacrificial and waste his pieces.

Brian taunts Jake and throws him off his game by telling Jake that "he sees something that Jake doesn't see".