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A scene comes to play as a car slowly winds up a long curvey driveway. The driveway is surrounded by beautiful shrubbery and what seems to be acres of the most wonderful flowing scenery. The car comes to a stop at the end of the winding drive at a very nice estate. The house looks gigantic as the camera pans it from side to side. A beautiful brick mansion, with large white pillars rising far into the sky. The camera slowly begins to walk the path up to the stunning wooden doors, you see Patrick Lee IWF interviewer start to lead the way. He walks in front of the massive doors and rings the bell, which prompts a very soothing melody to be layed upon the ears. The doors slowly swing open as Mr. Lee is greated by a servant. The servant waits for Mr. Lee introduce himself.

[Patrick Lee]- Hello sir, is this the residence of a Mr. Brian Justice?

[Servant]- Why yes sir. May I inquire who is asking of Mr. Justices where abouts?

[Patrick Lee]- My name is Patrick Lee. I am an interviewer for the International Wrestling Federation, I am supposed to have a scheduled appointment with Mr. Justice.

[Servant]- Brian never mentioned this to me or the other staff for all I know, but I will be glad to take you to him, I think he is out back.

The man lets the IWF staff into the very large mansion. Patrick Lee seems to be amazed by the luxury inside of the house as he walks behind the servant. Everything in the house seems to be over the top, almost rivaling the gold chambers inside of Donald Trumps mansion some would say. The servant takes them to the back of the house to two large glass doors overlooking the patio and a back yard even more amazing than the front. The yard is filled with an enormous walkthrough garden which is being worked on by more servents, a beautiful pool with waterfalls coming down over a man made rock ledge, and the very large patio where a couple of men seem to be sitting. Mr. Lee walks up to the group of men, which to his suprise seem to be much older than he had expected.

[Patrick Lee]- Excuse me gentleman, may I inquire which one of you is Brian Justice.

The men all start to chuckle. One of the oldest men stand up, he is wearing a luxurious robe, he starts to speak to Mr. Lee.

[Old Ass Man]- I am Mr. Simmons, I own the house here, if you are looking for Brian Justice you can go find him trimming the hedges in the garden with the other servants.

The man points over at a man trimming the tops of some hedges. He is wearing a dirty white wifebeater and a pair of raggady jeans. Patrick Lee, feeling a little emberassed starts to walk over the garden.

[Patrick Lee]- Brian Justice, I'm Patrick Lee from the IWF...

[Brian Justice]- I know who you are, don't think I'm going to film my first interview dressed like this, you wait here and I'll be back shortly.

Brian Justice tosses the garden tools to the ground and whipes and lifts his shirt to whipe the sweat away from his face. He takes the shirt off and throws it over his shoulder. He then starts to walk back towards the big house. A few minutes pass and Patrick spots Brian coming out of the glass doors. It looks like a new man has apperead. Brian is dressed in a pair of khaki pants, a nice pair of dress shoes, and a polo short. Brian walks over to the old man from the patio to ask permission to talk to Mr. Lee. Patrick is amazed in the transformation of Brian Justice in just a few seconds. Brian motions Mr. Lee over to him. Of course Mr. Lee rushes over.

[Brian Justice]- I think that we should talk by the pool, follow me I have prepared an area which is waiting for us.

Patrick and Brian walk over to the pool deck right behind the waterfalls. Two chairs are sitting there along with a glass table. Brian offers Mr. Lee to sit down and then sits down himself. The real interview begins...

[Patrick Lee]- International Wrestling Fans as you know I am Patrick Lee and I am here with a very special guest, none other than a new Rising Star in the IWF, Brian Justice. Welcome to the IWF Mr. Justice.

[Brian Justice]- Thanks Mr. Lee, I have been waiting for a shot at a wonderful federation such as the IWF. People don't understand the back breaking labor I have put into a career, a career that has yet to reach the plateau at which I want.

[Patrick Lee]- What kind of plateau are you trying to reach in your career Mr. Justice.

[Brian Justice]- The plateau that everyone is trying to reach, I want to be the best. I want to be on top of the IWF, nothing shorter than the IWF championship. There was once a federation in my past called the Fans Wrestling Federation, a Federation which I tryed to claw my way to the top. Unfortunately I wasn't on the level I should of been, I was nothing but a rookie. It didn't matter who was in the best shape, how I was doing in the match, I alwayes found a way to ruin it with some dumb rookie mistake. But I never gave up and I'm never going to give up. So I left the Fans Wrestling Federation to continue my training.

[Patrick Lee]- Continue your training? From the way it looks to me you have become a gardener...

[Brian Justice]- I'm no gardener, I do plenty of things around this house. When you think about it, this was the best job I could have asked for. I get a nice place to stay, with many luxuries a struggeling wrestler doesn't have. If you would of taken a full tour of that house you would of seen the training facility in the basemant. Mr. Simmons gives me a pretty good deal around here. The basemant has a luxurious weightroom where I spend 2 hours every morning. Two straight hours of nothing but vigarous reps, and ripping and tearing each and every muscle. Then after that I do yardwork or whatever Mr. Simmons wants done. People don't know this but this is one of the most important parts of my training. Have you ever done back breaking labor under the guidance of someone else. Do you know what it's like listening to every command, wait you probably do, your an interviewer, but theres a difference. Every time I chop one branch, everytime I carry one brick, everytime I get scolded it makes me hungrier. It's the energy I need to strive for that championship gold, since the time I got out of the FWF this has kept me on task.

[Patrick Lee]- What do you do after you have atteneded to all your yard work?

[Brian Justice]- What do you think I do, no matter how much I work out, or how bad I want it, none of that means jack shit without being in the ring. Me and a couple of the other boys train vigorously in the ring for at least four hours a night, some nights we even try pushing six. There is no better feeling that flying through the air off the top rope, or the rush of bolting back and forth from turnbuckle. Untill you want it as bad as I want it I don't think you could ever have the feeling. It's a true passion, none of that bullshit where it's for nothing but the money.

[Patrick Lee]- Are you saying that professional wrestlers are just in it for the money? That is a hell of a statemant.

[Brian Justice]- What do you mean a hell of a statemant. Have you seen the way the wrestling industry has changed over the years. It used to be about the love, the sport of the ring. It's no secrete that wrestling evolved into sports entertainment, or as I would say devolved. Remember the greats in the ring, the Bruno Sammartino's, the Superfly Jimmy Snukas, the Ricky Steamboats, real showmen, real athletes. You don't see those type of things anymore. I remember going to an old time wrestling event with my father, sitting there a few rows back with my gleaming eyes, loving every second of it. Those wrestlers were my idols, they are the men that I strive to be. I promise you Mr. Lee and the rest of the IWF that I will strive till I achieve.

[Patrick Lee]- With that promise it seems you could be spending some time here in the IWF.

[Brian Justice]- Some time or no time, I don't know how long it is going to take. But it will happen, The Rising Star has arrived here in the IWF and there is nothing no one is going to do about it. Now if you would excuse me, I have more work I have to do, it's a never ending job around here.

[Patrick Lee]- Thank you for your time Mr. Justice and we all look forward to seeing you in action here in the IWF.

Patrick Lee stands up and shakes Brian's hand. Brian pulls off the shirt revealing the dirty wifebeater he was previously wearing. He starts to walk back towards the shrubs as Patrick Lee is being led out by the servent who let him in.