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The camera fades in outside of a lovers lane. Brian Justice is seen walking up wearing a wife beater T shirt and a pair of jeans. He has a big smirk on his face as the camera follows him in. He takes a quick glance around the room and then he starts to talk.

[Brian Justice]- You might be asking yourself why the hell i'm in a place like this. Well it's simple I need to get to know my opponent, so I'm gonna try to get in touch with my feminine side, because I know Kristian is in touch with his. Dear diary, blah blah blah. What kind of sissy bs is that. You've grown up with a tough life, who hasn't. Everyone go's through life with some heartache. You wanted to grow up and be the next Shawn Michael, be the next Razor Ramon, thats all fine and good except that they actually had talent. I mean they are no Brian Justice, but who really is. But tomorrow is my first match here in the IWF, you all need to prepare to be amazed. The Starz will be shining in full force. Kristian you shouldn't even bother coming to the arena because you have no chance pal. But I'm not gonna waste my time in a place like this, I got things to do and important people to see. Kristian be ready, the rest of the IWF as well, like I said The Starz will be shining, remember that.

Brian walks out of the store as the camera fades to black.

ooc- this is a really shitty roleplay but my internet hasn't been working all day and I gotta get it in by the deadline. I'm also a little banged up from last nights partying, so anyways you won't see anymore rp's like this, just had to do one.