The Basic Specifications of the T-50 "BOBCAT"

Cessna introduced the T-50 in 1939. It is a low winged twin engine monoplane with five seats. First produced as a civilian aircraft, it was manufactured for Canada and the US Army during World War II.


Specificatons from Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

The Bobcat was produced in the following quantities.

Type   Quantity Engine          Power   Notes
T-50      40    Jacobs L4-MB             225    Civilian Production
Crane1   680    Jacobs L4-MB                    Canadian 
AT-8      33    Lyncoming R-680-9        295    T-50s US Army (additional Production)
AT-17    450    Jacobs R-775-9           245
AT-17A    41
Crane1A  182
AT-17B   466                                    Redesignated UC-78B
AT-17C    60
AT-17D   131                                    Redesignated UC-78C
UC-78   1004                                    Redesignated UC-78D
UC-78A    17*                                   Impressed T-50s
UC-78B  2156                                    Redesignated UC-78E
UC-78C   196                                    Redesignated UC-78F Through 1944
JRC-1     67*                                   Acquired by Navy from USAF 


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