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I am a member of the Confederate Air Force here in Wichita Kansas and I am the maintenance officer in charge of restoring the CAF UC-78. The aircraft is in pretty good shape. In had been based in San Diego in the early 90's, but had lately been stored at our headquarters in Midland, TX until I ferried it up to Wichita last March.

The interior is nearly original expect for modern radios. We could use a source for instrument panel markings and various interior part such as map cases and recognition light control panel. Also, do you know of anyone who has an STC or 337 form for changing the brakes to either Goodyears or Clevelands?

Our airplane was used at Douglas AAF in Arizona during the war. Do you know of any sources we might find to know how the aircraft were marked at this field?

Thanks for the great web page on Bobcats. Several of the people who are helping with this restoration actually helped built the aircraft at Cessna. Keep up the good work!

Chuck Harley
316-794-8399 (home)
316-523-3196 (work)

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Bill and Lois Stookey have placed their award winning Bobcat up for sale.
Here is the link to Bill and Lois Stookey's web page to check out the details of this plane.

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