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Purported Photos of Billy the Kid, page 4

Not Billy the Kid

This photo was taken in a studio in an unknown year. The background, lasso, hat, chaps, etc. are probaly studio props. It was originally misidentified as illy by Carl Breihan who used it in his book "Billy the Kid: A Date with Destiny," however, it is not the Kid.

Billy the Kid?

This photo looks a lot like the tintype of Billy the Kid. It was discovered by Sandor Demlinger.

Billy the Kid?

This photo was recently discovered in a photo album that used to belong to Paulita Maxwell, allegedly Billy's true love. Whereas mos photos in the album had some kind of identification, this one apparently had none. Although the face resembles Billy, the tie and neckwear seem more contemporary of the turn-of-the-century era.