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Worshipper of Billy the Kid

Deluvina Maxwell, sometime in the 1900s

Deluvina was born in Canyon de Chelly around 1851. She was 100% Navajo. When she was still a child, nine or ten years old, Apaches raided where her family lived and took her as a slave. A unknown time later, she was traded by the Apaches to Lucien Maxwell at Cimarron for ten horses. Lucien gave Deluvina his last name and treated her very well. She became happy in her new life at Fort Sumner. She became good friends with Lucien's wife, and with his two children, Pete and Paulita. When Lucien died, Deluvina stayed at Fort Sumner with the family. When she met Billy the Kid, she began to worship, as everyone in Sumner did. She loved him and would do anything at all for him. Billy only thought of her as a friend, but she may have wanted to be more than that. After Billy's alleged death, she reportadly visited his grave. However, she may have been visiting it for Tom O'Folliard and/or Charlie Bowdre, both of whom were friends of hers. Deluvina died in Albuquerque on November 27, 1927.