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Billy the Kid?

Brushy Bill Roberts in front of the graves of Tom Folliard, Charlie Bowdre, and either Billy Barlow or Billy the Kid

This photo of Brushy Bill by the alleged grave of Billy the Kid was taken by William Morrison on July 6, 1950; almost sixty-nine years to the day of Billy the Kid's alleged death. Brushy told Morrison at Sumner that day, "They think they've got me there, buried like an outlaw with my feet to the west, but that won't get it. They didn't get me yet, they didn't."

Brushy Bill Roberts in death

This photo was taken on January 3, 1951. It shows Brushy Bill, dead of a heart attack, in his casket.

Brushy Bill Roberts's tombstone

This is the second tombstone placed on Brushy Bill's grave. The first was made by an unknown person, with the inscription of: "Ollie L. Robertz Bruzhey Bill 12-31-1868-12-27-50"