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Billy the Kid?

Left to right: Brushy Bill Roberts, D. H. McCook, and Justin Bullard

This photo of Brushy Bill, along with old friends D. H. McCook and Justin Bullard, was taken at Hico, Texas in either 1934 or 1935. Supposedly, McCook and Bullard served as deputies under "Hanging Judge" Isaac Parker at Fort Smith, Arkansas, where they met Brushy Bill.

Brushy Bill Roberts at Stanton, Missouri

This photo of Brushy Bill was taken in Stanton, Missouri in early September of 1949. Brushy Bill was at Stanton in order to attend the birthday party of J. Frank Dalton, who claimed to be Jesse James, a claim since thoroughly refuted. Dalton's and Brushy Bill's mutual friend, Ola M. Everhard, invited Brushy Bill and brought him to the party.

Left to right: Brushy Bill Roberts and Ozark Jack Berlin

This photo was taken in Stanton, Missouri on September 4, 1949. Ozark Jack was a gunfighter and a good friend of Brushy Bill's. According to both their accounts, Brushy Bill saved Ozark Jack's life in a gunfight around 1888.