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Red Wings Roster for 1999-2000!

from the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press


Jiri Fischer, 2

Ht.: 6-5; Wt.: 210
Birthday: 7-31-80
Birthplace: Horovice, Czechoslovakia.
1998-99: (Hull, juniors): 65 games, 22 goals, 56 assists, 78 points, 141 penalty minutes.
The best prospect in the organization. ... Dominated in juniors last season and looks ready to at least contribute in the NHL. ... Big (and still growing) and mobile. ... Has a huge shot from the point. ... Not a big hitter, but will play tough and has a long reach. ... Makes a good outlet pass.

Nicklas Lidstrom, 5


Ht.: 6-2; Wt.: 190
Birthday: 4-28-70
Birthplace: Vasteras, Sweden
1998-99: 81 games, 14 goals, 43 assists, 57 points, 14 penalty minutes.
Positioning and anticipation are second to none in the NHL. ... With the issue of returning to Sweden all done for now, he could be ready for a Norris Trophy-type season. ... Great at running the power play, a slick passer, plays a ton of minutes and is a terrific puckhandler. ... If he hadn't returned, the Wings would not be more than a .500 team.

Igor Larionov, 8


Ht.: 5-11; Wt.: 170
Birthday: 12-3-60
Birthplace: Voskresensk, Russia
1998-99: 75 games, 14 goals, 49 assists, 63 points, 48 penalty minutes.
With Wayne Greatzky retired, is there a more deft passer in the league? No one can think on the ice like Larionov. ... Small and elusive. Avoids traffic on the ice. ... Had a superb second half of last season. ... Not showing signs of age, but it will be interesting to see how much longer he can hold Father Time at bay.

Mathieu Dandenault, 11


Ht.: 6-1; Wt.: 196
Birthday: 2-3-76
Birthplace: Sherbrooke, Quebec
1998-99: 75 games, 4 goals, 10 assists, 14 points, 59 penalty minutes.
An incredible skater, who has blazing speed. ... Converted forward, appeared comfortable on defense this exhibition season. ... Needs to be more physical and read the play better in the defensive zone. That should come with time. ... Bulked up over the summer, and that strength should serve him well.

Vyacheslav Kozlov, 13


Left wing
Ht.: 5-10; Wt.: 195
Birthday: 5-3-72
Birthplace: Voskresensk, Russia
1998-99: 79 games, 29 goals, 29 assists, 58 points, 45 penalty minutes.
Plays spectacularly with Igor Larionov, but it would be nice to see him play at that level with others this year. ... A streak goal scorer. Needs to play with more consistency. ... Sneaky in the offensive zone. ... Has great hands and finishes around the net. ... Had a strong training camp and could be poised for a big season.

Brendan Shanahan, 14


Left wing
Ht.: 6-3; Wt.: 215
Birthday: 1-23-69
Birthplace: Mimico, Ontario
1998-99: 81 games, 31 goals, 27 assists, 58 points, 123 penalty minutes.
It's a big year for Shanahan, who's in the final year of his contract before he becomes eligible for unrestricted free agency. ... Hasn't put up Shanahan-like numbers the past two seasons, but how many better power forwards are there? ... Still has an awesome one-timer and is dangerous on the power play.

Yan Golubovsky, 15


Ht.: 6-3; Wt.: 183
Birthday: 3-9-76
Birthplace: Novosibirsk, Russia
1998-99: (Adironack) 43 games, 2 goals, 2 assists, 4 points, 32 penalty minutes.. (Detroit) 17 games, 0 goals, 1 assists, 1 point, 16 penalty minutes.
Hasn't developed as team had hoped during his five years in the organization. ... A fluid skater. Good offensive skills. But lacks consistency and doesn't always play with needed emotion. ... Had an opportunity to earn a regular job at the start of last season, but didn't grab it. ... Needs to take a step forward this season.

Doug Brown, 17


Right wing
Ht.: 5-11; Wt.: 185
Birthday: 6-12-64
Birthplace: New Haven, Conn.
1998-99: 80 games, 9 goals, 19 assists, 28 points, 42 penalty minutes.
An ultimate role player, he's still one of the better checking and defensive players around. ... Goal production slumped last season, like many other players on the team. ... Very quick, fine skater and passer. Plays well with Sergei Fedorov.

Kirk Maltby, 18


Right wing
Ht.: 6-0; Wt.: 190
Birthday: 12-22-62
Birthplace: Guelph, Ontario
1998-99: 53 games, 8 goals, 6 assists, 14 points, 34 penalty minutes.
Missed a lot of time last season and the Wings weren't the same team without him. ... Plays with a lot of energy, and like Kris Draper, has the gift of annoying opponents. ... Will score the occasional big goal. ... Has to stay healthy.

Steve Yzerman, 19


Ht.: 5-11; Wt.: 185
Birthday: 5-9-65
Birthplace: Cranbrook, British Columbia
1998-99: 80 games, 29 goals, 45 assists, 74 points, 42 penalty minutes.
Was unquestionably the best, and most consistent player, on the team last season. ... Not the offensive force he used to be, but his two-way game currently is among the best in the NHL. ... Continues to be the ultimate captain, providing the leadership and character few players possess.

Martin Lapointe, 20


Right wing
Ht.: 5-11; Wt.: 215
Birthday: 9-12-73
Birthplace: Ville Ste-Pierre, Quebec
1998-99: 77 games, 16 goals, 13 assists, 29 points, 141 penalty minutes.
Came to camp in amazing shape. Will it translate into a big season? ... Was great playing with Larionov and Kozlov last season, providing the intensity, grinding style and aggressiveness few players can match. ... Needs to finish better around the net, but Lapointe does have a knack for scoring big goals.

Yuri Butsayev, 22


Ht.: 6-1; Wt.: 183
Birthday: 10-11-78
Birthplace: Togliatti, Russia
1998-99: (Moscow-Togliatti) 40 games, 10 goals, 8 assists, 18 points, 55 penalty minutes.
Nobody knew too much about Butsayev heading into training camp, but his work ethic, grinding style and checking game has been noticed by all. ... Not a real good finisher around the net, but he'll still be able to poke in a few goals given the opportunity. ... Has looked as if he belongs right from the start.

Stacy Roest, 23


Ht.: 5-9; Wt.: 185
Birthday: 3-15-74
Birthplace: Lethbridge, Alberta
1998-99: 59 games, 4 goals, 8 assists, 12 points, 14 penalty minutes.
Needs to carry over his exhibition season success into the regular season. ... Had chances last year, but couldn't finish. ... Can play all three forward positions. ... Has improved defensively, and, despite size, doesn't back down.

Chris Chelios, 24


Ht.: 6-1; Wt.: 190
Birthday: 1-25-62
Birthplace: Chicago
1998-99: (Det.-Chi.) 75 games, 9 goals, 27 assists, 36 points, 93 penalty minutes.
Like Larry Murphy, another intriguing player for this season. ... Needs to show he hasn't lost his skills. ... Still competitive. A superb skater and just plain tough. ... now comfortably a Red Wing and should be a key figure on the blue line. ... Provides a physical presence that was lacking.

Darren McCarty, 25


Right wing
Ht.: 6-1; Wt.: 215
Birthday: 4-1-72
Birthplace: Burnaby, British Columbia
1998-99: 69 games, 14 goals, 26 assists, 40 points, 108 penalty minutes.
Unsigned. ... Provides the Wings with character, energy. Wings will miss his presence if holdout is protracted. ... Needs to score more than last season. ... Does all the dirty work.

Joe Kocur, 26


Right wing
Ht.: 6-0; Wt.: 222
Birthday: 12-21-64
Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta
1998-99: 39 games, 2 goals, 5 assists, 7 points, 87 penalty minutes.
Injured. ... Another player who has been hampered by injuries. ... Can provide physical presence few can match. When healthy, there aren't many better heavyweights in the NHL.

Aaron Ward, 27


Ht.: 6-2; Wt.: 225
Birthday: 1-17-73
Birthplace: Windsor
1998-99: 60 games, 3 goals, 8 assists, 11 points, 52 penalty minutes.
A healthy scratch most of the first quarter of last season, he became a regular and showed the consistency the Wings were looking for. ... A good skater and not afraid to hit. ... Gets the most from his ability. Needs to continue his development this season, as the Wings continue to phase in young defensemen the next few years.

Steve Duchesne, 28


Ht.: 5-11; Wt.: 185
Birthday: 6-30-65
Birthplace: Sept-Iles, Quebec
1998-99: (L.A.-Phila.) 71 games, 6 goals, 24 assists, 30 points, 24 penalty minutes.
If the exhibition season was any indication, will provide a big lift on the power play. ... Being paired with Chris Chelios will help. ... Must prove Los Angeles Kings erred by dumping him at mid-season last year.

Chris Osgood, 30


Ht.: 5-11; Wt.: 175
Birthday: 1-26-72
Birthplace: Peace River, Alberta
1998-99: 34-25-4, 2.44 goals-against average.
Coming off a good, but not great season. ... Had a very good training camp and looks ready for a big year. ... Missing the first four games in the Colorado series, and not being close to 100 percent, didn't help the Wings chances in that series. ... Still needs to work on his consistency, and is at his best if he plays around 60 games.

Ken Wregget, 31


Ht.: 6-1; Wt.: 205
Birthday: 3-25-64
Birthplace: Brandon, Manitoba
1998-99: (Calgary) 10-12-4, 2.53 goals-against average.
The Wings are hoping Wregget is the perfect back-up to Osgood, capable of playing 20 to 25 games and being ready in case Osgood goes down with an injury. ... A big goalie who can make the acrobatic save, Wregget has been plagued with a bad back in recent years. The Wings are hoping the limited action will keep Wregget healthy.

Kris Draper, 33


Ht.: 5-11; Wt.: 190
Birthday: 5-24-71
Birthplace: Toronto
1998-99: 80 games, 4 goals, 14 assists, 18 points, 79 penalty minutes.
One of the best pests in the league. ... A good checking, feisty player who gets under opponents' skin. ... An ideal fourth-line center, but it would help if he scored a few more goals. ... Didn't finish off a lot of opportunities last season.

Marc Rodgers, 37


Right wing
Ht.: 5-9; Wt.: 185
Birthday: 3-16-72
Birthplace: Shawville, Quebec
1998-99: (Adirondack) 80 games, 19 goals, 38 assists, 57 points, 66 penalty minutes.
Tough and competitive, made team as a longshot during training camp. ... Brings a lot of energy and intensity to the ice. ... People might view strictly as a physical player, but that wouldn't be entirely accurate. Has scored as many as 25 goals in the minor leagues, and 30 in junior. ... Has decent touch around the net.

Brent Gilchrist, 41


Left wing
Ht.: 5-11; Wt.: 180
Birthday: 4-3-67
Birthplace: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
1998-99: 5 games, 1 goals, 0 assists, 1 Pt., 0 PIM
Injured. ... Which begs the question: Is Gilchrist ever going to be healthy? This is a guy who could be a very valuable, versatile forward who would provide the depth that was sorely missing last season. But the hernia operations have curtailed his career, and it'll be tough for him to come back.

Larry Murphy, 55


Ht.: 6-2; Wt.: 215
Birthday: 3-8-61
Birthplace: Scarborough, Ontario
1998-99: 80 games, 10 goals, 42 assists, 52 points, 42 penalty minutes.
One of the intriguing players of this season. In final season of contract, he must show he's worth keeping around for next year. ... Never a speedster, Murphy plays a smart, savvy game. ... Reads and anticipates the action. ... Great instincts.

Sergei Fedorov, 91


Ht.: 6-2; Wt.: 200
Birthday: 12-13-69
Birthplace: Pskov, Russia
1998-99: 77 games, 26 goals, 37 assists, 63 points, 66 penalty minutes.
Seems poised for a big year. Then again, we said that last year. ... A tremendous skater, an offensive talent, one of the best defensive forwards in the NHL -- but hasn't put it all together the last few seasons. ... Has taken an attitude of a rookie this training camp, and looks to be having fun and playing with consistency. Will it last?

Tomas Holmstrom, 96


Left wing
Ht.: 6-0; Wt.: 200
Birthday: 1-23-73
Birthplace: Pitea, Sweden
1998-99: 82 games, 13 goals, 21 assists, 34 points, 69 penalty minutes.
With the relaxation of rules around the crease, should be closer to 20 goals this season. Probably no player had more goals called back last season. ... The production last year disappointed some people, he was inconsistent all year, but you have to like his energy.

The Wings' staff

General manager: Ken Holland.
Assistant GM: Jim Nill.
Coach: Scotty Bowman
Associate coaches: Barry Smith, Dave Lewis
Trainer: John Wharton.


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