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Poetry and Writings by Becca

Hi There this is a page of stuff I've written over time....Some long some short...but all from the heart...I am happy to hear from you that share your opinions and am thankful of your compliments....I don't update this page much....I was thinking about adding other writings and poems of people that would like to submit them....well if your interested in submitting me at

Live Happily

Yesterdays gone
Live for today
The present is yet to come
Remember the past
Live for today
Look forward to tomorrow
Love like your hearts never been broken
Trust as if you've never heard a lie
Have faith, You have nothing to lose
Live all your days as if there will be no more

If I Had It To Do All Over Again

If I had it to do all over again,

I would have listened more and talked less.
I would have hugged more instead of placing distance. 
I would have spent more time with you, 

and less time with my own problems.
I would have visited more, and 

spent less time making up excuses.
I would have been more tolerant,

and overlooked harsh words.

I would have seen your pain, 

instead of denying it. 
If I had it to do all over again
I would have told you how much I loved you, 

and how much you meant to me.
I'm so sorry that I didn't know what I know now.

In Loving memory of Katherine Bray, you are sadly missed by many.
Rebecca 2000 


Love's Complexity

Love, A simple word yielding multiple complexity.
What is Love?
A word of endearment?
A word of affection?
A word of trust?
A word of faith?
A word of bliss?
A word of shared feelings?
A word of stature?
A word of security?
A word of heartfelt truth?
How is it shown?
A kiss?
A touch?
A look?
A gesture?
A flower?
A gift given?
An embrace?
An expectation of knowing?
A spoken word?
So many feelings, so many ways, I know it best when I am with you for my heart speaks love so clearly.

Rebecca 1999

Little Time

Busy days
Hectic schedule
Many distractions
Multiple interruptions
Several inconveniences
Even though my day may not always allow for me to spend every minute with you. I hope you know that not a minute passes that I don't miss you. You are in my heart and on my mind.

Rebecca 1999

My Life
I don't see myself without you
I can't imagine my life not being ours
I awake everyday because of you
My smile is yours
My happiness is yours
My dreams are yours
My feelings are yours
My heart is yours
My touch is yours
My hopes are yours
My prayers are for you
You are My everything....If ever you wonder why I have given so much of me to you....It's simple you see....
My smile is because of you...My happiness is just loving you....My dreams are filled with you...My feelings are felt because of how you make me feel....My heart beats so strongly because of my love for you....My touch is completely yours because my dear you are the only one I want to touch....My hopes are that I can make you happy....My prayers are that you will be happy and well....

You see my love....

You are my life

Silent Tears

Vivid tears stream down, dry eyes
So loud is the sound of a heart breaking, making not a sound
The world crumbles, leaving all intact
Hurt so apparent, all is fine
Words unspoken, so much said
Destructive pain overwhelming, smiles exchanged
Loneliness engulfs, so many friends around
Life is horrible, so much to live for
Bitterness controls, such a sweet person
No matter how well we think we know a person there are always things we don't know, often things aren't as they appear.

Rebecca 1992

You and Me

I am strong
But, lean on you when I feel weak
I am secure
But, indulge in the surety that you offer
I am independent
But, enjoy knowing I can depend on you
I am happy
But, adore you when you add to my happiness
I know I am a good person
But, amazed at how you make me feel I'm a better person
I am humble
But, you make me feel perfect
I am in love
But, you make me love you more

Rebecca 1999

My Love,

My feelings for you have no boundaries, no barriers, no conditions.
I love you when I wake up
I love you when I go to sleep
I love you when I'm happy
I love you when I'm mad
I love you today
I love you tomorrow
I loved you yesterday
I love you when you compromise
I love you when your stubborn
I love you when you cuddle with me
I love you when you turn your back to me
I love you when you smile
I love you when you frown
I love you when you give me attention
I love you when you ignore me
My Love, I Love You Always

Rebecca 1999

Dear Love,

How long has it been since I've seen the glow of your smile? Felt the warmth of your touch? Seen the reassurance in your eyes? How long since I've rested in your peace?
Did you ever believe that through all the trials and tribulations that I would see you through all of them? In all the pain I could softly brush against your heart consoling the pain. Even in the hurry of your life I've taken and have given you precious moments to be cherished. Though you question...... my honesty my simplicity my one reason for being.
For if only one moment that I am able to embrace you and to let you see.
Trying to answer and leave no doubt though leaving so much for which there is no answer. Unable to erase the doubt the fear the confusion.
Rest upon knowing I have not forsaken nor have I abandoned you on your own. I am in the shadow of your need. Awaiting your sweet voice your request your demand.
Patiently undemanding not expecting. I wait here in silence until you remember me. For all I am is simply an emotion within your hearts reach.

Rebecca 1998


Yesterdays I thought of you
My heart shed a tear
The memories all but forgotten
They are always so dear
I wish I could have stopped in time
No room for things to change
I liked them just the way they were
Now your absence seems so strange
Though things have not been lost
Your always on my mind
Held deeply in my heart
Someday we will be together again
In a place of another time

Rebecca 1985
Written for my mom in loving memory of our departed

Something Promised
Upon the wings of a pale white dove
A promise so pure was bestowed
Carried through the sands of time
From the beginning to the end
Held close tightly wrapped
Guarded and safe from natural elements
Entwined...Embedded...beating strong within
Granted to those who accept
Often seen...Envied...Desired
Sometimes overlooked Sometimes misread
Often not spoken left for another's lips to speak
Only the coldest cannot feel its radiating warmth
When felt strongly by two true hearts
Felt as if the two hearts beat as one
Feelings of joyful bliss promised
Eternity defined by these feelings
Moments in time bring smiling memories
Every dawning brings new found pleasures to be shared
To see these two...such sweetness is expressed
Of the lucky are these that share in this
The magical creation carried
From the beginning to the end
Living...Engulfing...Growing within our hearts
Held and treasured deep within
With every beat of my heart my love grows stronger
Growing stronger for you my love

Rebecca 1999

Unknown Destiny

As I think I realize
All my dreams, wishes, and hopes
Have yet to been fulfilled
Yet as I question with open mind
Is my destiny waiting to unfold
Or shall I embrace each coming moment
With open arms and heart
To search for a destiny of which
I know no name

Rebecca 1998

My Journey

Through many journeys in life
Many a paths I've traveled
So many stones have I turned
I may have wandered astray
Gotten lost or just turned around
Perhaps for time long past
But as I look upon my journeys
I can rest assured in my decisions
For they led me to you

Rebecca 1998

How Much

I know I haven't said it lately or perhaps haven't shown it enough. I would like to take this opportunity to do so now...
Today I think of our yesterdays
Yesterday I thought of when we first met
When we first met I thought of the day
When I would say these words to you.....

Rebecca 1998

Simply You

I hear your soft breath
Feel your bodies warmth
Laying close I watch the moonlight kiss your brow
The gentleness of your ways
O so apparent
A look of peace is about you
I think of our yesterdays
I think of our today's
Which slip into our tomorrows
Placing light kisses upon your cheek
Patiently awaiting the dawn
Resisting sleep not wanting to miss a memory
I place my head against your chest feeling warm and secure
My eyes grow tired in your embrace
Slowly I slip into a dream of you
Waking to warm kisses of dawns forthcoming
Smiling radiantly as the feeling of you watching me occurs
Leaning I kiss you good morning
As our past memories begin to unfold

Rebecca 1999

Loves Language

It's spoke in a touch
A single glance confirms
A soft smile reassures
An innocent brush
A loving caress
One kiss
A sigh of contentment
A deep gaze
Concerned gestures
The language your body speaks
Sometimes love speaks loudest
With no words at all

Rebecca 1999


Childhood Memories
Teenage treasures
Early adult eagerness
Passing times
Fading remembrance
Yesterday so far away
Today is to short
Tomorrow is to close
Time so little
Memories so few
To stop time, A blessing

Rebecca 1999

What Do You Do

When was the last time you heard what a friend was saying?
Many are the differences between listening and hearing.
When was the last time you expressed concern?
Many are the differences between true concern and rushed pretending.
When was the last time you appreciated a friend?
Many are the differences between genuine appreciation and to use.
When was the last time you accepted a friend as they are?
Many are the differences between advice and judgment.
When was the last time you showed sincere compassion?
Many are the differences between empathy and sympathy.

Rebecca 1999


Silently I ache because of the inwardly hurt
As I lay sobbing
All I long for is a gentle caress, a tender kiss, perhaps a warm hug
But, in realizing
My dreams are starting to diminish into reality.

Rebecca 1989

Two Hearts

Whispered softly unto me
A treasured keepsake
Of memories since made
The promises of each dawning yet to come
Wrapped in elation
Unimaginable joy
Glorified feelings so true
Feelings brought by none other
Than the gentle touch of your heart
Beating side by side with mine

Rebecca 1990

Only Human

Don't cry for me
My eyes are dry
Don't hurt for me
I am happy
Don't look for me
I am gone
Don't love me
I love others
Don't wait for me
I am gone
But, please pray for me
I am human

Rebecca 1993

To Hope

Standing across the room
She waits
Waiting for him
He glances across the room
Not admitting the attraction
As he turns and leaves
Hopelessness engulfs as she leaves
Lonely Again

Rebecca 1988

Love Don't Leave Me

When I needed you
You  were there
Like so many times before
I was a feather
You were the rock I rested upon
I gave up
You kept me going
I was insecure
You offered surety
I was following
You were my leader
Tears streamed down my face
You were the reason they dried
I no longer wanted to love anymore
You taught me to love again
Please love don't leave when I need you the most
I need you now!

Rebecca 1992

Beccas Pooh Bear Page

Hi theses are some of the things I have written and I would like for them to remain on this page only if you want to copy them Please email me for my consent. Also some of my work has been published and am in the process of obtaining copyrights on most of it so please be careful if you recopy it or think about calling it your own. Thank You

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