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Favorite Links

Beauceron Sites

Club des Amis du Beauceron (French Breed Club)

North American Beauceron Club

L'etoile du Nord Beaucerons

Passion Beauceron

Le Jardin de Sarah Beaucerons

Anneli Tiainens Beauceron Site

Kennel Sucikan

Orage Website

Working Dog (Ring Sports, Schutzhund, KNPV, Protection, etc) Sites

DVG America

United Schutzhund clubs of America

Les Sports Canins In French

French Ring Sport Overview

Rocky Mountain Ringsport Association

Southern Ontario Ring Enthusiasts

K-9 ProSports

AWDF (American Working Dog Federation)

Police K-9 Sites

North American Police Work Dog Association

National Narcotic Detector Dogs Association

Police Service Dogs International

Police K-9 Homepage

K-9 Concepts, Inc.

Drug Enforcement Administration

SAR Sites

The SAR Store

Search and Rescue Association

North American Search and Rescue

Federal Emergency Management Agency

American Rescue Dog Association

North American Search Dog Network

Miscellaneous Sites

Natura Pet


Martin's K-9 Formula

Steve's Real Food for Dogs

BalanceDiet - Supreme Canine Nutrition

Top Dog Designs

Chien Plus Language is in French

K-9 Specialties

Harddog's Requisites


Ray Allen K-9 Equipment