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Here are some of the code names used during the war.

Code Description
Admiral Q President Roosevelt during travel to the Casablanca Conference (1943)
Alamo US Sixth Army
Argument, Operation USAAF attack on German fighter plane factories (Jan 11 - Mar 1, 1944)
Avalanche, Operation US Fifth Army attack on Salerno, Italy (Sep 9, 1943)
Barney, Operation US Navy submarine attack into the Sea of Japan (Jun 1945)
Brassard, Operation Allied attack to capture Elba (Jun 17, 1944)
Brewer, Operation US attack on the Admiralty Islands (Feb 19, 1944)
Brimstone, Operation Allied attack on Sardinia (Sep 18, 1944)
Catchpole, Operation US attack on Eniwetok Island (Feb 17, 1944)
Clarion, Operation Allied air attack on Germany (Feb 22, 1945)
Cobra, Operation US First Army movement from Normandy to St Lo (Jul 25, 1944)
Conquer US Ninth Army
Corkscrew, Operation Allied attack on Pantelleria Island (May 18, 1943)
Crossbow, Operation Allied air attack on German rocket sites (Aug 17, 1943)
Desecrate, Operation US attack of Palau Islands (Mar 31, 1943)
Detachment, Operation US attack on Iwo Jima (Feb - Mar, 1945)
Dragoon, Operation Allied attack on French Riviera (Aug 15, 1944)
Eagle US Twelfth Army Group
Flintlock, Operation US attack on Marshall Islands (1944)
Gold Normandy beach section attacked by British (Jun 6, 1944)
Grenade, Operation US Ninth Army movement toward Rhine River (Feb 23, 1945)
Hailstone, Operation US carrier attack on Truk Island (Feb 16 - 17, 1944)
Husky, Operation Allied attack on Sicily (Jul 10, 1943)
Iceberg, Operation US attack on Okinawa (Apr 1, 1945)
Jubilee, Operation Allied attack on Dieppe (Aug 11, 1942)
Juno Normandy beach section attacked by Canadians (Jun 6, 1944)
Longsuit, Operation USMC 2nd Division attack on Tarawa (Nov 20, 1943)
Lucky US Third Army
Market-Garden, Operation Allied attack in the Netherlands (Sep 1944)
Master US First Army
Meeting House, Operation USAAF fire bomb attack on Tokyo (Mar 9, 1945)
Mike I, Operation US amphibious attack on Luzon (Jan 9, 1945)
Moonshine Equipment used to produce false radar echoes.
Omaha Normandy beach section attacked by US V Corps (Jun 6, 1944)
Overlord, Operation Allied invasion of Normandy (Jun 6, 1944)
Plunder, Operation Allied movement across the Rhine River (Mar 23, 1945)
Quicksilver, Operation Allied deception plan to convince Germans that D-Day landings would occur on Calais.
Reckless, Operation US attack on Hollandia (Apr 22, 1944)
Road's End, Operation Allied destruction of Japanese ships that survived the war (Feb 1946)
Shellburst SHAEF Headquarters
Shingle, Operation Allied amphibious attack on Anzio (Jan 22, 1944)
Speedy US II Corps
Sword Normandy beach section attacked by British (Jun 6, 1944)
Tidal Wave, Operation Ninth USAAF attack on oilfields in Ploesti (Aug 1, 1943)
Titanic, Operation Allied dummy parachute drops in Normandy (Jun 6, 1944)
Torch, Operation Allied invasion of North Africa (Nov 8, 1942)
Utah Normandy beach section attacked by US First Army (Jun 6, 1944)
Varsity, Operation Allied airborne drop across the Rhine River (17th Airborne Div)
Watchtower, Operation US attack on Guadalcanal and Tulagi (Aug 7, 1942)
X Tripoli beach section
Yorker Tripoli beach section
Zebra Tripoli beach section