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AAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery
AD Armored Division
AGF Army Ground Forces
AIR Armored Infantry Regiment
ARB Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
Bn Battalion
CBI China-Burma-India
CC Combat Command
Co Company
ETO European Theater of Operations
FAB Field Artillery Battalion
ID Infantry Division
Pfc Private First Class
Recon Reconnaissance
Reg Regiment
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
SSgt Staff Sergeant
TD Tank Destroyer
TF Task Force
USAAF US Army Air Force
USMC US Marine Corps
WAC Women's Army Corps


The Army in WWII was organized as follows:

Squad 8-12 men
Platoon 3+ squads
Company 3+ platoons
Battalion 3+ companies
Regiment 3+ battalions
Brigade 3+ regiments
Division 3+ brigades
Corps 3+ divisions
Army 3+ corps
Army Group 3+ armies