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Here are some of the things we will be offering for your babys rooms. We do custom designs also.


We will be offering everything from blankets to curtins to pillow cases

This is me with one of the deer I have taken in the area over the last few years.

This one of the happy hunters with his seven point taken with a bow.

The tach shows 1600 and some hours but I dont think it works. need some info on what the colors and numbers mean.

this is the fan bolt that I am trying to get off. The pully that is ajustable is cracked and will not tighten. Also the locking nut is broke off. Also there is a brass part that is threaded between the fan end and the shaft. does this come off also.

you can see how damaged the front part of the pully is. The locking bolt and screw are broke right out. Does any one know where I can order the front pully part?

this is a pic of the new alt. Does not seem to have the same wireing set up. I think I need to take out the rubber boot and plug in the spare wire. Compare the new pic here with the pic below. Below was the way it was hooked up before.

this is the alt that I took in to have checked at auto zone. it failed the test. So I bought a new one. The guy said it was a one wire hook up. When hooking it up now it burrys the needle to charge. What am i doing wrong.

This is a pic of the rusted rim. It looks like a tube sticking out of it. Does anyone know if this could be welded or do I need a new rim.

this is a pic of the leaking powersteering unit on my 400. Cant seem to locate the exact point of leak. Is there any seals or easy fix for this. It is makeing a mess out of the tractor eng.

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