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A Note From Me… Thursday, March 1, 2001

Well, the ride has been rough and a lot of things have happened. Our Gothi has an obnoxious habit of disappearing for months on end and Kindred members come and go. And yet with a core group, The Volsung Kindred still stands strong.

We’ve been working diligently on The Draupnir Press, we regret that it has taken this long to get it out but we had some problems with the IRS, (trying to everything by the books takes forever!) worked out several kinks in the actual production of the magazine, and recruited some fine journalists. I’m pleased to say we are in the final stages and everyone will be getting their copy sometime this fall.

We have also had an exciting opportunity presented to us, my mother owns a large parcel of land in Arkansas, right up in the Ozarks and has offered to donate several acres to The Volsung Kindred so that someday perhaps we can sponsor an AlThing!

But mostly this note is to just let everyone know about the magazine, and to let you know, “start looking for it soon!”

The Gydhja Of The Volsung Kindred,