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UnXposed is a hardcore rock group from Trenton Michigan. Their music is similar to many of their influences, but cannot be duplicated. They are a band with such a music style and sound that other bands cannot rip off. They practice with covers as well as many of their own songs. UnXposed was formed in the summer of '99 at first by just Brandon and Jeremy. Brandon and Jeremy both talked to Chris about possibly playing drums and he said okay too. When Mike then came into the picture the band started to get serious. The last addition to the group was Nick who had just recently bought a bass. With the band complete hopefully they get some permanent fans that they can depend on for the future. Just keep in mind that UnXposed won't change their style completely for a teenybopper crowd like some bands did, (HINT: Limp Bizkit).
Well that is how UnXposed was formed, but as of recently, Chris and Brandon are not in the band anymore. We really need help in finding a drummer so if you can help us out (if you live around us) please do.