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Nick - (Bass)

What do you play?
I play a Fender P-Bass with a Crate amp.

What is you favorite band?
There are way too many to list them all..but for a few...Deftones,
Soulfly, Crackjaw, Slaves on Dope, Factory 81, and Relative Ash.

What do you wish would happen in the world?
I wish that everyone would stop judging people by looks, instead of getting to
know a person before they judge them.

What was your favorite concert of all time?
I can't really say...every concert I go to just keeps getting better and better.

What two items of yours would you go all out to save?
I'd probably save my C.D.'s and my Bass.

Who is your favorite member out of the band?
I don't have a favorite member.

What guitar do you wish you could have?
I'd love to have a Fender 5-string j-bass.