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Vocals - (Vocals)

What do you use to sing?
I use my throat! Oh yeah, a SHS microphone with some crappy P.A.

What is you favorite band?
My favorite band is Factory 81.

What do you wish would happen in the world?
What I wish would happen in the world is for people to realize reality. To realize that
NO ONE is better than anyone else and that being prejudice is just a way of showing
how ignorant and stupid people truely are!

What was your favorite concert of all time?
My favorite concert of all time...hmmm...I would say Factory 81 because that just showed all of the band's talent.

What two items of yours would you go all out to save?
My stereo and my throat! I use my stereo almost every minute of each day.

Who is your favorite member out of the band?
Ummm...I'd have to say myself! And all those other people...What's their names again?

What thing do you wish you could have?
I wish that I could have a set of phat turntables, those things are so fun.