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Brandon - (Rythym Guitar)

What do you play?
I play a fender strat, with a DOD death metal distortion,
boss auto wah, and a boss super phaser, with a marshall amp.

What is you favorite band?
I would have to say that the deftones are my favorite band.

What do you wish would happen in the world?
I wish people would wake up and realize that everybody
is a different person and those differences don't give any rights to judge others.

What was your favorite concert of all time?
I don't know. I havn't really been to alot of concerts.

What two items of yours would you go all out to save?
I would go all out to save my poems. They are so personal, it's like they are a part of me.

Who is your favorite member out of the band?
I can't see the band without any of us. We all need eachother, and it feels like Lindsay is one of us too,

What guitar do you wish you could have?
A guitar wouldn't really matter to me but a perfect arsenal of pedlas would be great.