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All About me and some More

Gina Buchmiller
Softball Goddess and Tennis Playa
Gladstone High School


I am a 15 year old chica from Happy Rock Michigan .I am a memeber of the ED group which is the best group in the world I also enjoy running from Dan Rosen and this one time at band camp.....I like boxing with Meghan and WAR!HUH! I also like caffeine gum and I am a sexy bitch I have a locker full of pop cans and are you two brothers? I can't bring my sis to KFC because some turkish guy is going to kidnap her I enjoy after shock while trying to watch a parade and talking to birds I watch the Blair Witch project while in my basement cuddled up with PEDE in my arm and I enjoy army sweatshirts and my best friend Erwin. I enjoy pulling pads out of her drawer, and finding out what Blue wants to do today I like to take my walks before swim practice so I can shoot up cocaine and have my steroids which are noticeable that I am taking.When I am bored I sit there and play super Nintendo while requesting Britney Spears and making babies.I enjoy eating 6 brownies while with my lover Meghan whom I love to eat pizza on the floor while crying and playing solitaire!I enjoy making out with Chris while breaking George's pencils!I like to eat Jelly Beans while sticking a flute up my pussy! I also love apple pie while watching my lover and heather dance around pool table sticks.I also enjoy burning down houses while trying to make grilled cheese's and being a half an hour late for 5th hour!Well that is about all I can tell you about me because you might be one of my sisters stalkers and come and kill me and her but if you do I will come after you with a baseball bat because I am a HOCKEY PLAYER!

*********To my honey Joe(Who's a HOEBAG)************ I love you and all the help you have given me this here!Your so sexy!Wish I was yours!Luv ya Babe

This picture I am dedicating to Aimee because everyday in Computer class she says how cute it is and I also know that down under she is a little devil!Luv Ya Aim

Here are some pics that I just decided to put on here:

These are for all the people that I hate(you know who you are):

This is for my Swim Team the Delta Dolphins:

This one is for Kelly because she always gets drunk and it is named Drunk

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This is for my friend Dulcie

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