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Japanese Name: Mizuro Ami

Name Meaning: Friend of Water

Birthday: September 10th, 1978

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Blood Type: A

Favorite colors: Aquamarine, light blue

Hobbies: reading

Favorite food: sandwiches

Least favorite food: Yellow-tail Tuna

Favourite gemstone: sapphire

Favorite subject: mathematics

Least favorite subject: none

Has trouble with: love letters

Strong points: calculating

Dream: to be a doctor

Height: 5'2"

Amy/Ami is the brains of the team. Anytime anything mentally complex presents itself, she rises to the challenge. Rated with an IQ approaching that of a genius, she can generally solve almost any puzzle that the Sailor Scouts/Senshi finds themselves in. She also is the most aware of Serena/Usagi being an emotional teenager, and not just a superheroine who isn't sensitive to the needs of a young girl. As a Sailor Scout/Senshi, Amy/Ami also fits the description of the idiom 'Brainpower over firepower'. Sailor Mercury's attacks are more defensive then offensive but they get far more powerful as the series progresses.


Special Powers (Sailor Moon)

Mercury Power/Mercury Power, Make Up ~ Amy/Ami says this to transform into Sailor Mercury.

Mercury Bubble Blast/Shabon Spray ~ Sailor Mercury says this in order to generate a mist fog that reduces the visual range of enemies. This generally confuses them, making them more vunerable to attacks.

Special Powers (Sailor Moon R) Mercury Star Power/Mercury Star Power, Make Up ~ Amy/Ami says this to transform into Sailor Mercury.

Mercury Ice Bubble Freeze/Shabon Spray Freezing ~ Sailor Mercury says this to use her bubbles to freeze an opponent.

Mercury Ice Storm Blast/Shine Aqua Illusion ~ Sailor Mercury says this to generate a massive freezing attack. This will usually freeze opponents and/or objects, preventing them from moving.

Special Powers (Sailor Moon S)

Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up ~ Ami says this to transform into Super Sailor Mercury.

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody ~ This is Super Sailor Mercury's attack

Special Powers (Sailor Mercury Special)

Mercury Aqua Mirage ~ This is Super Sailor Mercury's attack