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Brenda's HockeyTown USA has developed some awards. You have for now a choice of various different awards.All can be displayed on ANY site. Not just hockey websites. Here are the qualifications:

1: All sites must have a clean rating and be child safe.

2. All sites must have more than just two words and a few links. I don't require original graphics. But some color is always nice!

3. All hockey sites MUST have something other than links and pictures. Maybe some stats or bios. Something different that shows heart. Let's see some hockey spirit!
4. Your site need not be the greatest. But it MUST show SOME effort. All personal sites are welcomed here.

Please fill out form below. I will view the website and let you know soon what I have decided!Thanks for your interest in my awards!

Response-O-Matic Form


Apply For Brenda Awards

Your submittal is appreciated!

Please place url & why your site should win
Make sure email and name are filled out
Click on Submit when ready to send.

Your name:

Email address:

Please place your site URL
plus why your site
should win a Brenda Award
in space below and click submit



Good Luck !

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